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The school where I study, Kolkota Public School is one of the best school in our district. Our school has more than 2500 students and more than 100 teachers. All of our teachers are devoted to their duties and have good teaching skill. Our school got established in the year 1973 by one of the renowned people of our locality Mr. Bishwanath Chatterjee, the highly educated person whose goal is to educate children of the society selflessly.

essay on school

The School Building

Our school building is very big and it has seven floors. Our school has classes from pre-nursery to class twelve. It also has a big playground and has a swimming pool too, which gives us a nice view of the building.

Our school runs in two shifts morning and day. Morning shifts are for classes pre-nursery to class three whereas the day shifts start from class four to class twelve. All of the classes have three sections.

Our Principal and the teacher both have two separate rooms. Also, there is another room for clerks where the records of all the students and teachers are kept.

There is a big library on the third floor where we have well-stocked useful books and we have also well-equipped laboratory rooms. We too have a common room where we play indoor games during .recreation hours. Our common room is also the venue of our debating club. The Principal as the president of the debating club. We have our debate on every Saturday after school hours in the common room of the school building. We have the debate, read out essays and have a discussion on interesting topics. Some of the students are good in games and have also won prizes in many competitive matches.

There is a monthly magazine published in our school. Also, every year we go for an excursion with some teachers as our guides.

The school annual function and the prize-giving ceremony holds every year. The Saraswati Puja, Independence day, Republic Day is also celebrated every year with great enthusiasm.

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The Teacher-student Relationship

The Principal and teachers of our school take personal care of the individual students as a philosopher and guide. As a result, it’s a make bond between the two and its easy to communicate between them.

Our teacher motivates us and also guide us to have some aim in life. The person without an aim in life is like a ship without its radar.

Our school teaches us many things in life. The first thing which I learned there is self-help. There is proverb “God helps those who help themselves”. It’s the best kind of help us to increase self-confidence improves personality and also bring satisfaction to the mind.

Extra-curricular Activities

Extracurricular activities mean activities outside the curricular such activity include sports, music, acting, and debate. Tree planting, blood donation relief work, literacy and campaign for awareness creation all come under social activities. Nowadays, teachers also support extracurricular activities and encourage the students to participate in such activities.


To conclude I must say that I have happy memories of my school from the first of my school to the last day of my school where I spent so many years happily in close contact with the teacher.

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