Essay on Vacation for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay on Vacation

A student’s life revolves around exam preparation, tests, and homework. So, this means that more often than not it revolves around studies only. They go to school than to coaching centers and then to home. Thus, there is hardly any time left for students to do other activities especially when he/she is studying in higher classes. So, when Sunday’s come, it is feeling of respite but more often than not there are some tests planned for Monday. So, a student starts developing a feeling of being trapped inside the burden of studies. So, essay on vacation is an insight into a student’s mind during the holiday season. 

Essay on Vacation

Holidays are the time during which a student can finally take a break. Because usually, students have a hectic work routine. Thus, they cannot follow their interests or hobbies they want. So, they can get the time to follow their interests and hobbies during the holidays. Suppose a student loves art and craft and so decides to join the different art and craft classes. Some might join different classes based on their needs and interests. Like some will join dance class, others might join instrument class, while others might join sports like swimming, skating, etc. 

Also, holidays are the time when students can socialize with their friends and relatives. Also, if someone loves to spend their time with the family that they can plan a trip during the vacations. Additionally, some students might go to their friend’s place to spend the day once in a while. 

Most importantly, holidays are the time when one can relax and understand as to how he/she improve their skills. This can be helpful during exam along with the other activities. Thus, make sure to give 2-3 hours every day to do your study related work during the vacations. 

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How to Make Most During the Holidays? 

Some of the tips to enjoy doing most on your holidays are: 

  • Follow your interests and hobbies. It is a nice idea to join a hobby class and indulge yourself in some activity. It can be swimming, yoga, dancing, painting, or music. You can take up a short course or something to start learning. 
  • Holidays should not be a time to take a break from your studies. Rather you should utilize these days to improve on many important things. 
  • During normal days we do not get much time to socialize with our friends and relatives. Thus, we can use the vacation to meet our friends and relatives and socialize. 
  • Also, you can plan a trip with your family or friends from your everyday life. Always try to go for one trip during the summer or winter holidays. 

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