Essay on Vehicle Pollution for Students and Children

500 Words Essay on Vehicle Pollution

Vehicles have become a necessary need for a human being. Moreover, every work needs a vehicle for transportation. Without them, our work would be very difficult. It saves us time and also reduces our energy consumption in traveling from one place to another.

Essay on Vehicle Pollution

A vehicle needs fuel which is of two types- Diesel and petrol. These are the fossil fuels that are extracted from within the earth. Though a vehicle has so many benefits it is a major threat to the environment. Because it creates pollution which is increasing. And that is because of the increase in the number of vehicles.

Main Causes of Vehicle Pollution

The fuel on which a vehicle runs gets burned inside the engine which in turn emits various harmful gases. The gases that vehicle emits are carbon monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Sulphur Oxide. All these gases are harmful to the environment.

Furthermore, it hampers the health of a person to a dangerous extent. Carbon monoxide is poisonous. Due to which suffocation can occur in the lungs followed by difficulty in breathing. Also, these gases cause global warming. That is a major problem in this era. Furthermore, it causes the ozone layer depletion. Due to which ultraviolet rays can enter into our environment and can cause skin cancer.

Apart from all the hazardous effects of vehicle pollution, the number of vehicles is increasing day by day. According to an estimation, there is an average of 2 vehicles in a single house. Some of the families have more than that. This is the root cause of the increase in the pollution of the vehicle.

Because each member of the family is traveling alone on a two-seater or four-seater vehicle. Thus the consumption of the fuel becomes double. There are various measures by which there can be a reduction of vehicle pollution

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Measures to Reduce Vehicle Pollution

Foremost, vehicle pollution can get reduced by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels. Moreover, passengers should do bike and carpool. So that the passengers can reach the same destination by less consumption of fuel. Also, it will save energy as they can drive the car or bike in shifts.

Furthermore, the person should turn off the ignition on the red signals. This, in turn, will save fuel and money. At the same time, minor changes in driving like- driving the vehicle on economic speed, apply fewer brakes, reducing quick acceleration can save your fuel and your vehicle will also remain in good condition. Quality checks of the vehicles can also reduce fuel consumption and increase performance.

Above all, the government is taking some major steps to minimize pollution. Electric buses and trains run in the entire city to reduce the use of diesel buses as public transport. Furthermore, the installation of CNG( Compressed Natural Gas) engines is mandatory. This would reduce the cost of transportation and will not be harmful to the environment.

Recently, electric cars and bikes came into the market. This will reduce fuel consumption for personal transport and will be environment-friendly.
These were all the measures that will significantly help in the reduction of vehicle pollution.

FAQs on Vehicle Pollution

Q1. What are the main pollutants emitted by a vehicle?

A1. The main pollutants emitted by a vehicle are Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur Oxide. Nitrogen dioxide. These are responsible for environment degradation. Also causing various health issues in a human.

Q2. How can we reduce vehicle pollution?

A2. There can be a reduction in vehicle pollution by reducing the consumption of fuel. Car and bike pooling can reduce the consumption of fuel. Also, the use of electric public transport can help in a remarkable manner.

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