Essay on My School Fete for Students and Children

500 Words Essay on My School Fete

School fetes are one of the most anticipated times of the whole academic year It is a time for rejoicing and celebrating. Every kid in school looks forward to this day with the utmost enthusiasm and fervor. Furthermore, it is also a great chance to give them a break from their monotonous routines. Similarly, school fetes also benefit the school hosting it. It helps them collect funds for the betterment of the school. The students also get duties that make them responsible and teach them things other than academic knowledge.

essay on my school fete

Importance of School Fete

School fete brings a lot of excitement with them. They are a great time to rejoice and forget about all the academic pressure. However, that is not all there is to it. School fetes are also a great time to teach students a great deal about practical knowledge.

Firstly, it allots them with duties which make them more responsible. This allotment of duties makes the children learn how to balance fun with work. It teaches them the importance of creating the perfect balance in life. When they fulfill their duties, it also makes them learn how to handle people and the real world.

Most importantly, fetes are a big stress-buster. They make the children forget about their worries and enjoy for a whole day without any academic pressure. Moreover, it also gives them a break from the monotonous routine of studies. Thus, fetes not only make responsible but also give them a much-needed break.

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My School Fete

I have always loved school fetes. I look forward to them every year and make sure I attend them without fail. My school fete and annual function are two of the most special events in my school.

The school fete is held annually at my campus. We get the chance to spend our time with friends and enjoy our day. This year’s school fete was very happening. It takes place during winter in January, so the weather is also very pleasant at that time. It began with the speech from our principal and she congratulated us all on putting in so much hard work.

After that, the celebrations began. We went to so many food stalls with our group of friends. I tried out delicacies which were very delicious. I love eating bread rolls, and the stall of class 5 was selling it at very reasonable prices.

Next, we tried our hands at playing games. There were so many games; it became tough to try out all of them. The try-your-luck game is my absolute favorite. I even won a lot of gifts from that stall. Subsequently, we shot darts; however, we did not win. It was an enjoyable experience nonetheless. I saw there was a unique photo booth stall which was offering people fun and quirky props to get clicked with. My friends and I had a blast at that stall. We got so many photos from it, I have them even now which reminds me of the great fun-filled day we spent at our fete.

Some FAQs

Q.1 When is a school fete held?

A.1 A school fete is generally held annually in every school. However, in some schools, there are also min fetes which happen monthly or so to give children a break from their monotonous routines.

Q.2 Why are school fetes so awaited?

A.2 School fetes are one of the most anticipated times of the year. It allows children to have fun and indulge in games and delicious food. It is a day free from studies. They also get to enjoy with their parents and spend some quality time with friends.

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