Fitness Beats Pandemic Essay

500+ Words Essay on Fitness Beats Pandemic

The world after COVID-19 has changed drastically. Nobody knows what our future will be like. The world went into chaos mode when we saw the Coronavirus outbreak. Millions of lives got affected because of it. Moreover, it also created a phobia amongst us. Everyone is constantly looking for something that can help them beat this pandemic. Therefore, this fitness beats pandemic essay will tell you how staying fit can save your life.

fitness beats pandemic essay

Fitness Beats Pandemic Essay- How It Happens?

The coronavirus pandemic has become one of the most major health crises of our times. It is no less than a challenge that keeps disrupting our lives daily. With the rise of cases, we need to do our part to help beat the pandemic.

The two common things we must do are stay at home and stay fit. When we do this, we can help in reducing the risk of contracting this deadly disease. Further, it can also help in avoiding severe complications.

As this pandemic has increased our work pressure, people are finding it hard to handle their professional and personal lives. Therefore, it is not easy to find peace. Similarly, finding time to work out has also become very tough.

But, physical activity is essential. We can do these activities by also following the stay at home guidelines. As people are still avoiding gyms and fitness centres, one must take out time to incorporate workout time into their schedules.

Most importantly, staying fit does not only refer to exercising and staying physically healthy. It also means having a strong mental balance. We need to be fit mentally as well as spiritually.

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How to Achieve Fitness

We must do our best to achieve fitness in various ways. Firstly, we must do yoga or meditation exercises to get a healthy state of mind. It is also essential to get adequate amounts of sunlight and fresh air.

Similarly, we must take a balanced diet. Also, intake of water must be done properly in generous amounts. It is also vital to avoid foods that are rich in sugar, fats, salt, etc. When we meditate mindfully, we can achieve reduced blood pressure and a better cognitive system.

Similarly, when your immune function is improved, you can lower your stress hormones. We must also eat fresh and unprocessed foods to keep our bodies fit. Make sure your body is getting proper amounts of vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and more.

Similarly, yoga and meditation help in preventing a lot of diseases. As the COVID-19 virus impacts our respiratory system badly, we must do breathing exercises to enhance our respiratory system’s condition. Most importantly, stay away from stressful and anxious situations.


To conclude the fitness beats pandemic essay, we must do our best to stay fit and also follow the guidelines given by our government. It includes keeping our hands clean, making use of masks and sanitisers and maintaining social distancing. Along with this, we must also do our best to stay fit physically, mentally and spiritually to beat the pandemic.

FAQ of Fitness Beats Pandemic Essay

Question 1: How can fitness beat pandemic?

Answer 1: Fitness can help in beating the pandemic because when we all build ourselves strongly, we can beat the coronavirus. It includes not only being strong physically but also mentally. It will help us in overcoming anything and everything.

Question 2: What can we do to achieve fitness?

Answer 2: Fitness can be achieved by having a balanced diet. We must also work out daily even for a little while. Similarly, meditating can help with our mental and spiritual well-being. Therefore, we must try it all to stay fit.

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