Organ Trafficking Essay for Students and Children

500 Words Essay on Organ Trafficking Essay

Organ trafficking is a very big issue which the world is facing right now. It is a deadly crime which robs human beings of their healthy life. It is essentially an illegal business of human organs, tissues and body parts. They use them for transplantation. It is bringing down the human body to the worth of an object. They trade them off for a little money or some other commodities. There are various reasons why this happens greatly in all parts of the world.

organ trafficking essay

Causes of Organ Trafficking

When we look at the problems people are facing in today’s world, a lack of organ donors is the main one. There are too many patients nowadays and too few volunteers. Thus, when the supply and demand do not match, crimes like these will rise.

Most importantly, poverty is a great cause of this. People who are in great debt or in need of money sell off their organs to get some temporary relief. They get very less amount than the actual worth. Furthermore, illiteracy is also a great cause. Those who are not educated are not aware of the consequences of selling their organs. They do not know the health hazards and are very vulnerable to this crime.

The children in war and developing regions are also very vulnerable to organ trafficking. When they get displaced from their homes, the traffickers make them easy targets. Furthermore, deceiving and dishonest medical firms and people also are a major cause. As organ transplant cannot be done without proper knowledge of it, people of the medical field who are corrupt contribute to it.

The lack of proper implementation of laws also contributes largely to this problem. As there are no stringent laws against this crime, the traffickers have no fear. Moreover, they also get off easy which makes it easy to commit this crime.

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Impact of Organ Trafficking

Organ trafficking has a negative impact on society as a whole. The poor people get robbed off their good health due to this crime. The traffickers exploit them endlessly to make sure they do not betray them.

Moreover, kidnapping and human trafficking also happen due to this crime only. The traffickers abduct and traffic children into selling their organs. Some also murder them after their work is done to not leave any proof behind.

Organ trafficking also impacts the health of a person as well as their safety. The high demand for organs results in diseases and illnesses amongst people whose organs are trafficked. People also rob others so they can sell their organs. Even medical firms are losing their credibility because of such illegal practices.

Therefore, we need to eliminate this crime to protect people. The government must take strict measures and implement stringent laws against this crime. We must spread awareness about organ donation so people can donate their organs after death so the supply meets the demand. This will ensure no organ trafficking happens. Moreover, people must also be made aware of the dangers of organ trafficking so they can be better prepared and aware of the consequences.

FAQs on Organ trafficking

Q.1 What are the causes of Organ Trafficking?

A.1 Organ trafficking is caused due to a lot of factors. Some of them are poverty, high demand low supply, illiteracy, war, developing regions, lack of strict laws and more.

Q.2 What is the impact of Organ Trafficking?

A.2 It impacts humans gravely. It robs them of a healthy life. Moreover, organ trafficking also gives rise to kidnapping, murder, human trafficking. It also hampers with the safety of a person.

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