Essay on Consequences of Global Warming for Students and Children

500 Words Essay on Consequences of Global Warming

We all have been very well aware of the climate change that is happening these days. The wind patterns, temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity and all determine our climate. The different part of the world has different climates, for instance, dry, moderate, tropical and more. The climate is what determines the seasons of that area. As we are human beings, our aspect of life depends on the environment around us. That is why we need a healthy and stable one to lead a normal life. However, global warming is disrupting this pattern.

essay on consequences of global warming

What is Global Warming?

Global warming processes in which the temperature of the earth rises steadily and constantly. It is a threatening problem which will bring great danger to all living beings. Similarly, there are many reasons for this phenomenon.

The enhanced levels of carbon dioxide, as well as greenhouse gases, contribute to it greatly. If we do not take measures to tackle this problem now, the living beings will soon face their doom. Moreover, we need to realize its harmful consequences so we can work on fixing it quickly.

Furthermore, everyone must be made aware of how they contribute to the increasing level of global warming. Most importantly, we must find an alternative that will help in tackling this issue at the very earliest to save earth and life on it.

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Consequences of Global Warming

We must all know by now that the temperature of earth has gotten warmer by one degree Celsius. Although it looks small in number now but the consequences it has are massive. It is so because the amount of energy we need to augment this temperature even by one degree Celsius is huge. This extra energy is equivalent to force-feeding our climate system.

We are experiencing hotter and hotter days due to global warming only. Each year we are breaking the record for experience the hottest day, month or year. The worrying degree has gone as far as 54 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the frequent and intense extreme weather events we are facing are also due to that only. You see forest fires, droughts, floods, and more natural disasters becoming more and more common. For instance, the Amazon Rainforest fire being the latest one.

The melting of ice caps and glaciers is also a result of global warming only. All this melted ice just creates a rise in the water volume of the oceans. The sea levels are increasing due to this. Moreover, the warmer the temperature gets, the more the mass of the water expands. It poses a great threat to the low-lying islands and coastal cities.

Furthermore, our oceans are becoming warmer and acidifying. As these water bodies absorb most of the excess heat as well as Carbon Dioxide they have become more acidic. This, in turn, also results in coral bleaching. In addition, it also drives stronger storms. This rising acidity poses a great threat to aquatic life and disrupts their food chain. Thus, we need to soon get together to eliminate this problem to help our earth heal.

FAQs on the Consequences of Global Warming

Q.1 What is global warming?

A.1 Global warming is a process in which the earth’s temperature keeps increasing constantly. It is a great problem for the earth and its inhabitants. The higher levels of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases contribute to it.

Q.2 What are the consequences of global warming?

A.2 Global warming has severe consequences. It results in hotter days, rising sea levels, frequent and intense extreme weather events, acidifying oceans, coral bleaching and more. It also hampers the ecosystems, species, and damages homes.

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