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500+ Words Essay on Save Tiger

Tigers have become a very important topic of interest and issue all over the world presently. India is the home of major wild tigers about 2/3 of the world population. Their reducing number has triggered the government authorities to awaken and take observe. While the government is already taking projects to preserve the tiger, there is something that we as the typical public to have to do. Apart from India tigers are found in other countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Malaysia, Russia-Vietnam, Bhutan, etc. Below are some tips that might help us make a little to make a way to save tigers.

Save Tiger Essay

How Can We Save Tiger?

The first thing what we can do is create awareness among people. And, this program is even more essential when the focus is to preserve the tigers. We can increase the attention to “Save Tigers” by creating leaflets, ads, advertising the cause on internet websites and the like.  The more you propagate the idea about saving tigers, the more persons you will adhere to the cause. Developing attention is incredibly important for all public causes.

Secondly, to preserve the tigers we must stop the poaching. Even when the government has banned the selling of tiger’s skin and bodies, poaching, however, is still prevalent. It’s very important to stop this unlawful act. While you quit poaching, make sure that you do not motivate poachers by purchasing competition skinned baggage, footwear and like products.

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Thirdly, It’s been found that our jungles are getting destroyed and that could be a significant cause why creatures like tigers are disappearing. Today, tigers don’t have a proper ecosystem to develop and generate. So, protecting jungles is the next important phase. It is not possible to plant a forest but yes you can plant many trees.

Fourthly, a recent WWF study tells that without mitigation efforts, projected sea-level will rise about a foot by 2070 which can destroy nearly the entire Sundarbans tiger habitat. Sundarbans is a large mangrove forest area and is also the only coastal mangrove tiger habitat in the world. Concerned rising sea levels due to climate change threaten to wipe out these forests and the last remaining habitat of this tiger population.

Lastly, Eco journey is another phase towards your effort to preserve tigers. By traveling on one such journey, you will be able to inform people about the particular situation of tigers and jungles. This will make them feel near to the cause and a positive change could cause them to take effective actions.

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Statistics and project

A recent study shows that the tiger population has gone down by 97 percent. In 1900, more than 100,000 tigers were estimated to roam the planet, but that fell to a record low of 3,200 globally in 2010. Project save tiger was an effort to restore the safe environments of tigers which are numbered at around 3000 currently.

The Jim Corbett National park where this project was introduced is the most significant tiger reserve in India focused on preserving the tiger. The objective of that project was to increase the number of tigers that presently exist. Due to this project, the numbers have increased from 2226 in 2014 to 2967 by 2019.


Saving  Tiger is not only our duty but also our responsibility. We have to support the government in its projects for the protection of the tigers so that a healthy population of the tigers exists. We should know that when we ask something from nature, we must be ready to give something back. If nature is responsible for our existence, we must take responsibility for its existence.

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