Current Affairs Practice Questions

Current Affairs is one of the most important topics of the general awareness section. We have already seen many examples of this section and now we shall see some questions based on the concepts and Current Affairs Practice Questions.

Current Affairs Practice Questions

Part A

Q1: Which country has been awarded the Certificate of Commendation for its exemplary enforcement action in its regional and global effort to combat illegal wildlife trade?

A) India                         B) Sri Lanka                 C) Nepal              D) Bangladesh                E) None of these

Q2: Which state became 1st in Australia to legalise voluntary Euthanasia, with which doctor-assisted suicide will be allowed?

A) Victoria                B) Canberra              C) Great barrier                  D) None of them

Q3: Consider the following statements regarding N N M:

1. The NNM, as an apex body, will monitor, supervise, fix targets and guide the nutrition-related interventions across the Ministries.

2. The proposal consists of Mapping of various schemes contributing towards addressing malnutrition.

3. It is introducing a very robust convergence mechanism and ICT based Real Time Monitoring system.

4. Incentivizing States/UTs for meeting the targets and Anganwadi Workers (A W Ws) for using I T based tools. Which of the above statements is/are true?

A) Only 1                B) 2 and 3             C) 1, 2 and 3                  D) All of these

Q4: Consider the following statements:

1. Paytm Payments Bank is the country’s largest mobile-first, technology-led bank.

2. Accounts holders of Paytm Payments Bank will get benefits like zero-fee account no minimum balance required free IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, UPI transactions.

3. It also provides free personalised RuPay digital debit cards.

4. Accounts holders can access over 5 lakh Paytm ATM locations across India.

Which of the above statements is/are true?

A) Only 1                  B) 2 and 3             C) Only 3            D) 1, 2 and 3             E) None of these

Q5: The 3rd edition of the Indo-UK Army exercise ‘Ajeya Warrior 2017’ held at Mahajan field firing ranges in which place of India?

A) Rajasthan                   B) Gujarat                 C) Maharastra                  D) Goa                 E) None of these

Find Your Answers Here

Q1: A), Q2: A), Q3: D), Q4: D), Q5: A).

Part B

Q1: Who has lifted a new world record of 194 kg – 85 kg snatch and 109 kg clean-and-jerk and lift gold at the World Weightlifting Championships recently?

A) Karnam Malleswari            B) Saikhom Mirabai Chanu             C) Sukcharoen Thunya      D) None of these

Q2: Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the newly constituted National Anti-Profiteering Authority?

A) Badri Narain Sharma                 B) Badri Prasad Sharma              C) Badri Kumar Sharma             D) Badri Lochan Sharma

Q3: Who received the Individual Activist award of the Nelson Mandela – Graca Machel Innovation Awards?

A) Khaled el-Balshy             B) Babe el-Mandeb                   C) Iban el-Balsahi               D) Hiuen el-Hardev

Q4: Minister of State (Health & Family Welfare), Anupriya Patel launched the National Strategic Plan 2017-24 and Mission ‘SAMPARK’ to trace the remaining HIV patients who are Left to Follow Up and are to be brought under ART services. The National Strategic Plan 2017-24 will pave a roadmap for achieving the target of how much?

A) 90 : 90 : 30                    B) 90 : 60 : 30                C) 90 : 30 : 90                 D) 90 : 90 : 90

Q5: The Andhra Pradesh Assembly unanimously passed the Kapu Reservation Bill to give how many percent reservations to the Kapu community in educational institutions and government jobs?

A) 2%                     B) 3%                   C) 5%                        D) 7%                     E) None of these

Q6: President Ram Nath Kovind inaugurated the 18th edition of Hornbill Festival in Kisama. The festival observed in which North-eastern State?

A) Mizoram                 B) Arunachal Pradesh                C) Nagaland            D) Sikkim

Find Your Answers Here

Q1: B), Q2: A), Q3: A), Q4: D), Q5: C), Q6: C)

Part C

Q1: India has been re-elected to the Council of the International Maritime Organisation under which category that represents the developing countries and nations with the largest interests in international seaborne trade?

A) Category A               B) Category B             C) Category C                D) Category D

Q2: North Korea fired an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) ‘Hwasong-15’ from which place?

A) Honshu                  B) Hokaido                C) Aomori                    D) Pyongyang

Q3: The Regional Level Marine Oil Pollution Response Exercise named ‘Clean Sea 2017’, was conducted at which place?

A) Kavaratti              B) Port Blair              C) Great Nicobar               D) Small Nicobar

Q4: When is World Aids Day celebrated?

A) December 1                 B) December 2               C) December 3               D) December 4

Q5: Which country did host Inter-governmental Meeting of Asia and Pacific Decade for Persons with Disabilities 2017?

A) India                B) China                 C) Japan                    D) Indonesia

Q6: The 1st phase of the strategically located Chabahar port was inaugurated by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Minister of State (shipping) Pon Radhakrishnan represented India at the inauguration of phase one of the port. The phase one is known by which name?

A) Shahid Beheshti port                  B) Shahid Bhagat Singh port                  C) Shahid Dilip Singh port                     D) Shahid Ranjeet Singh port

Q7: South Korea and the United States conducted their annual large-scale joint aerial drill to enhance readiness and operational capability and to ensure peace and security on the Korean peninsula. Name the drill?

A) Vigilant Ace                    B) Vigilant King                 C) Vigilant Queen                 D) Vigilant Jackport

Find Your Answers Here

Q1: B), Q2: D), Q3: B), Q4: A), Q5: B), Q6: A), Q7: A)

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