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Important Bird Sanctuaries

Bird sanctuaries are built to protect the birds. These sanctuaries require extra care and that is why they are owned by the government. In India, the government is responsible for all the work that goes around in the sanctuaries. India is home to many bird sanctuaries. That is why in all the states of India you will find at least one bird sanctuary. In this article, we have provided with you some of the important bird sanctuaries in India.

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Important Bird Sanctuaries in India

Each and every bird has a different natural habitat. Thus, you won’t find a similar bird everywhere. To protect these birds and their species, bird sanctuaries are built.

They are natural facilities that serve the conservation of various species and also their natural habitat. Further, it promotes the survival and rehabilitation of these birds.

important bird sanctuaries in India

Here is a list of important bird sanctuaries in India. The list consists of various bird sanctuaries based on the states in India. The states given are in alphabetical order.

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State-wise Bird Sanctuary Information

State Location Bird Sanctuary
Andhra Pradesh Srikakulam Telineelapuram and Telukunchi Bird Sanctuaries
Andhra Pradesh Uppalapadu Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary
Andhra Pradesh Kolleru Lake Atapaka Bird Sanctuary
Andhra Pradesh Nellore Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary
Andhra Pradesh Chittoor Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary
Delhi Najafgarh Drain Najafgarh Drain Bird Sanctuary
Gujarat Jamnagar Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary
Gujarat Ahmedabad Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuaries in India
Gujarat Mehsana Thol Lake Bird Sanctuaries in India
Gujarat Porbandar Porbandar Bird Sanctuary
Goa Panjim Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuaries in India
Haryana Gurgaon Sultanpur Bird Sanctuaries in India
Haryana Jhajjar Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary
Haryana Jhaijar Khaparwas Wildlife Sanctuary
Kerala Kochi Thattekad Bird Sanctuary
Kerala Kochi Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary
Kerala Kottayam Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
Kerala Malappuram Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary
Karnataka Shimoga Gudavi Bird Sanctuary
Karnataka Gadag Magadi Bird Sanctuary
Karnataka Mysore Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
Karnataka Yadgir Bonal Bird Sanctuary
Karnataka Sira Taluk Kaggaladu Bird Sanctuary
Karnataka Uttara kannada Attiveri Bird Sanctuary
Karnataka Kokkrebellur Kokkrebellur Pelicanry Bird Sanctuary
Lakshadweep Pitti island Pitti Bird Sanctuary
Maharashtra Vaduj Mayani Bird Sanctuary
Maharashtra Solapur Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary
Maharashtra Mumbai Karnala Bird Sanctuary
Madhya Pradesh Shivpuri Karera Bird Sanctuaries in India
Odisha Puri Chilika Lake
Sikkim Namchi Kitam Bird Sanctuary in India
Tamil Nadu Sivagangai Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary
Tamil Nadu Kanyakumari Suchindram Theroor Bird Sanctuary
Tamil Nadu Thiruvarur Udayamarthandapuram Bird Sanctuary
Tamil Nadu Ramanathapuram Chitrangudi Bird Sanctuaries in India
Tamil Nadu Ramanathapuram Kanjirankulam Bird Sanctuary
Tamil Nadu Tirunelveli Koothankulam Bird Sanctuary
Tamil Nadu Kanchipuram Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuaries in India
Tamil Nadu Erode Vellode Bird Sanctuary
Uttar Pradesh Manipuri Saman Sanctuary
Uttar Pradesh Kanpur-Lucknow road Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary
Uttar Pradesh Hardoi Sandi Bird Santuary
Uttar Pradesh Jalesar, Etah Patna Bird Sanctuary
Uttar Pradesh Rae Bareli Samaspur Sanctuary
West Bengal Parganas Sajnakhali Bird Sanctuaries in India
West Bengal Coochbehar Rasikbil Bird Sanctuary
West Bengal Kolkata Chintamoni Bird Sanctuary

Practice Questions on Bird Sanctuaries

Q. Koonthankulam bird sanctuary is located in which state?

A. Tamil Nadu             B. Karnataka                   C. Kerala                D. Andhra Pradesh

Answer: A. Tamil Nadu

Q. In which of the following states is Nelapattu bird sanctuary located in India?

A. Tamil Nadu             B. Uttar Pradesh          C. Assam                 D. Andhra Pradesh

Answer: D. Andhra Pradesh

Q. In which state of India is Chillka lake bird sanctuary located?

A. Sikkim                   B. Assam                       C. Odisha                D. Gujarat

Answer: C. Odisha

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