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Indian Culture

Important Festivals and Events in India

India is a land of varied culture. Each and every state of India represents a different culture and has its own identity. Due to this, the festivals also differs from one state to other states. Thus, every state has its own festival. And the way of celebrating these festivals is also unique. So, it is very difficult to remember each and every festival of the other states. That is why we have prepared a list of festivals of India. These festivals are important to the particular state in India. These festivals are also asked in the various banking exams in general awareness section. Thus, it is important that you prepare the names of these festivals.

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Important Indian Festivals

If you consider the festivals from all parts of India than you will notice that in the entire year there is one or the other festival going on.

Thus, it becomes hard to keep track of these festivals. But every festival has own importance to that particular state. Thus, every festival in India is celebrated.

list of festivals of India

There are some important festivals of India which you should not miss out! Below here we have provided a list of the important festivals for that particular state.

Some of the states also include important events which happen regularly in that state. For example the Sunburn festival in Goa.

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List of Festivals of India

State Main Festivals
Gujarat Modhera Dance Festival, Saptak Music Festival, Kite Festival, Holi, Navratri.
Haryana Baisakhi festival, Surajkund Craft Mela
Assam Majuli festival, Dehing Patkai Festival, Ambubasi festival, Bohag Bihu, Baishagu festival.
Jharkhand Sarhul, Dansi, Karma, Hal Punhya, Rohin, Bandna.
Goa Ladainha,  Fontainhas Festival of Art, sunburn festival, Mando Festival, Ghumot fest, Chikalkalo, Gokul Ashtami, a feast of St. Francis Xavier
Bihar Bihula, Chhath Puja, Rajgir Dance festival, Madhushravani, Sama Chakeva, Jivitputrika.
Madhya Pradesh Tejaji Fair, Khajuraho festival.
Jammu and Kashmir Dosmuchey festival, Matho Narang, Gemis Festival, Galdan Namchot.
Odisha Konark festival, International sand art festival.
Karnataka Pattadakal Dance festival, Gudi Padwa.
Kerala Onam, Nishagandhi festival, vaikathashtami festival.
Rajasthan Bundi Utsav, Desert festival, Gangaur Festival, Matasya festival, Braj festival, Shekhawati festival.
Maharashtra Kalidas festival, Chikoo Utsav, Diwali.
Tamil Nadu Pongal, Thaipoosam, Jallikattu festival, Natyanjali festival.
Telangana Bonalu, Ugadi, Bathukamma, Kothakonda Jatara
Mizoram ChapcharKut Festival
Nagaland Hornbill Festival, Moatsu festival.
Uttar Pradesh Kumbh Mela, Ram Leela.
Punjab Lohri.
Manipur Yaoshang, Chavang Kut, Bihu, Porag.
Sikkim Saga Dawa
West Bengal Durga Puja, Nandikar National Theatre festival.
Delhi Qutub Festival, Bharat Rang mahotsav, Sabrang Utsav, Siffcy, Jahan-e-Khurau
Tripura Kharchi Puja
Arunachal Pradesh Solung, Losar Festival, Murung, Reh, Mopin, Boori Boot, Monpa festval.
Uttarakhand Ganga Dusshera
Meghalaya Wangala Festival, Ahaia festival, Nongkrem Dance Festival,  Bob Dylan festival.
Andhra Pradesh Brahmotsavam, Sri Rama Navami, Deccan festival, Ugadi or the Telugu New Year, Dasara,  Durga festival.

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Practice Questions on Important Indian Festivals

Q. Elephant festival is celebrated in which of the following cities every year?

A. Ajmer                   B. Kota                  C. Jaipur                       D. Jaisalmer

Answer:  C. Jaipur

Q. The ‘Hornbill festival’ which is famous in India is celebrated in which of the following states?

A. Assam                B. Sikkim                C. Nagaland                 D. Mizoram

Answer: C. Nagaland

Q. Onam is a famous festival of which state?

A. Tamil Nadu           B. Kerala               C. Assam                   D. Sikkim

Answer: B. Kerala

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