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Area Formula

The area is the size of a two-dimensional surface. The area of a plane surface is a measure of the amount of space on it. Calculating areas is a very important skill used by many people in their daily work. Like builders and tradespeople often need to work out the areas and dimensions of the structures. Also, architects, designers, and engineers are in need of area computation for their work. This article will define the term area, some common area formulas based on the shape, and also some examples. Let us get started!

area formulas

Area Formula

What is Area?

The mathematical term ‘area’ can be defined as the amount of two-dimensional space covered by an object. This area calculation has many practical applications in building, farming, and architecture and also in science. Also, we need to calculate the area of walls in our room for deciding the amount of paint required. The area of an object is entirely dependent on its shape and size. We can compute the area of many common shapes by using certain accepted formulas.

Area Formulas

Let’s have a look at the most common formulas for finding the area.

  1. To find the area of a rectangle shape, we use the formula:

A = L × B


A Area
L Length
B Breadth
  1. To find the area of a square shape, we use the formula:

A = S × S,


A Area
S Side
  1. To find the area of a triangle shape, we use the formula:

A = \(\frac{1}{2}\)× B × H


A Area
B Base Length
H Height
  1. To find the area of a circle shape, we use the formula:

A = \(\pi\) × R × R,


A Area
R Radius
  1. To find the area of a parallelogram shape, we use the formula:

A = B × H


A Area
B Base Length
H Vertical Height
  1. To find the area of a Trapezoid shape, we use the formula:

A =\(\frac{1}{2}× (S_1+S_2) × H \)


A Area
S1 First parallel side length
S2 Second parallel side length
H Vertical Height

Remember that the unit of the area will be in the “square unit” of the length unit.

Solved Examples

Let us have some examples of finding the area.

Q: Find the area of a square board whose side measures 120 cm.


Side of the board = 120 cm

Area of the board = side  × side

= 120 cm  ×120 cm

= 14400 sq. cm

Q: A courtyard’s floor is 50 m long and 40 m wide. It has to be covered by some square tiles. The side of each tile is 2 m. Compute the number of tiles required to cover the floor.

Solution: First we have to calculate the area of the courtyard. Then we will calculate the area of one tile,

Length of the rectangular floor = 50 m

The breadth of the rectangular floor = 40 m

Area of the floor = Length × Breadth

= 50 m × 40 m

= 2000 sq. m

Now, side of one square tile = 2 m

Area of one tile = Side × Side

= 2 m  × 2 m

= 4 sq. m

Thus, number of tiles needed to cover the floor,

=  \(\frac{Area of Floor}{Area of one Tile}\)

=  \(\frac{2000}{4}\)

= 500 tiles

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