Whole Numbers

Representation on Number Line

A number line is a way of representing numbers visually on a straight line. A straight line is divided into a number of parts with a unit distance between them. By representing a number on a number line, we can easily tell the difference between two numbers and make comparisons between them. It can also be defined as a line on which numbers are marked at a uniform distance. It easily represents basic arithmetic operations. Let’s represent on number line.

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Representation on Number Line

Below are the steps the whole numbers to represent on number line:

  • Draw a straight line.
  • Mark a point at the extreme left as 0.
  • Mark another points to the right of 0. Label them as 1, 2, 3,… The distance between these marks must be uniform. They are said to be at a unit distance from one another.

Number Line

Addition to Represent on Number Line

We can add whole numbers to it. Let us see how to add 4 and 7. We start with 4 and make 7 jumps to the right of 4. The jumps are from 4 to 5, 5 to 6, … , 10 to 11. With the seventh jump, we reach 11. Thus, 4 + 7 = 11.

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to Represent on Number Line

Subtraction to Represent on Number Line

Subtracting a whole number from another is just like addition. But the way of jumping is backward instead of forward. We jump to the left. Suppose we have to subtract 4 from 6. We start with 6 and make 4 jumps to the left of 6. The jumps are from 6 to 5, 5 to 4, … , 3 to 2. With the fourth jump, we reach 2. Thus, 6 − 4 = 2.

to Represent on Number Line

Multiplication to Represent on Number Line

To find the product of two whole numbers say, 4 × 3, we start from 0 and move 3 points forward at a time. After the fourth jump, we reach at 12. Also, we can move 4 points forward and with the third jump, we get the same result.

Number Line

Division to Represent on Number Line

Division on it is like the iterated or the repeated subtraction. If we have to divide 10 by 2, we start at 10. With an interval of 2 points, we move backwards one at a time till we reach 0. The number of jumps made is the solution. Here, it is 5. So, 10 ÷ 2 = 5.

Number Line

Solved Examples for You

Question 1: Fill in the blank: On a number line, the greater whole number lies to the ___ of the smaller whole number.
Answer : The greater whole number lies to the right of the smaller number.

Question 2: Solve 12 ÷ 6 using a number line.
Answer : We start from 12 make jumps of an interval of 6 points. There are two jumps. So, 12 ÷ 6 = 2.

Number Line

Question 3: What is the number line in a fraction?

Answer: We make use of a number line model to demonstrate fraction order for values which are between 0 and 1. We will be dividing that length into two equal-sized pieces and mark the point where the segment divides with the coordinate. Thus, the distance from 0 will represent a length of one-half the whole segment from 0 to 1.

Question 4: What is the number line example?

Answer: In mathematics, we define a number line as a straight line that has numbers located at equal intervals or segments all along its length. We can indefinitely extend a number line in any direction and is we generally represent it horizontally.

Question 5: What is an empty number line?

Answer: It is a number line that has no numbers or markers. In other words, the empty number line is a visual illustration which we use in order to record and share the thinking strategies of students’ throughout the procedure of mental computation. Before making use an empty number line, students are required to demonstrate a secure knowledge of numbers to 100.

Question 6: What is the use of number line?

Answer: A number line refers to a line drawing where we write the numbers from smallest to largest. Further, it can be a tool to solved simple math problems. It comes in handy for solving problems with small numbers. For instance, if your math problem includes numbers over 20 or fractions, it can get a bit too tough to make use of this tool.

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