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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Geography Chapter 1 Free PDF Download

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Geography Chapter 1 – Resources and Development

The subject geography is not as easy as it looks. Also, the students take the subject very lightly. But, the students forget the fact that it is one of the most scoring subjects of Social Science. Our NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Geography Chapter 1 will guide you with the content of the chapter. Also, it will assist students in understanding the topics of the Chapter.

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CBSE Class 10 Geography Chapter 1 – Resources and Development NCERT Solutions

First of all, let’s discuss resources. Resources refer to all those things present in the environment to satisfy our need is Resources. Also, the Chapter tells how we use these resources for development.

ncert solutions for class 10 geography chapter 1

Sub-topics covered under NCERT Solutions for  Class 10 Geography Chapter 1

1.1 Types of Resources- The topic discusses the various types of resources which mention below:

1.1.1 On the basis of Origin

  • Biotic Resources-like flora and fauna.
  • Abiotic Resources- like rocks and metals.

1.1.2 On the basis of Exhaustibility

  • Renewable Resources- Like solar and wind energy, water, etc.
  • Non-Renewable Resources- Like CNG, petroleum, coal, etc.

1.1.3 On the basis of Ownership

  • Individual Resources- Owned by an individual.
  • Community Owned Resources- Owned by the community such as burial ground, Village ponds, etc.
  • National Resources- The resources within the country.
  • International Resources- Those resources which are outside the Exclusive Economic Zone of the country.

1.1.4 On the basis of Status of Development

  • Potential Resources- The resources which are present in an area but cannot be utilized.
  • Developed Resources- There quantity and quality has been resolute for utilization.
  • Stock- Refers to those resources which cannot be used due to lack of suitable technology.

1.2 Development of Resources-

This topic deals with the way by which we can find a sustainable way of using resources. Also, the ways by which we can stop misuse or overuse of resources.

1.3 Resource Planning- This topic discusses the plan which we can make for using resources. Also, how a country like India (rich in resources) can utilize this plan.

1.4 Resource Planning in India- This topic deals with a complex process that involves identification, evolving and matching of resources. Also, how a country like India can make and execute such a plan successfully.

1.4.1 Conservation of Resources- Discusses the ways by which irrational and over-utilization of resources can be checked.

1.5 Land Resources- Talks about the land which is the most useful and important resource. Also, the ways to use this finite resource are carefully planned.

1.6 Land Utilization- ways in which we can use forest, cultivation, fallow Lands, etc.

1.7 Land Use Pattern in India- Discuss the various land use pattern like agriculture, forest, barren, non-agricultural, etc.

1.8 Land Degradation and Conservation- Discusses the ways of ruining of land. On the other hand, discuss the ways to preserve the land.

1.9 Soil as a Resource- This topic deals with soil which is the key natural renewable resource. Above all, it supports all human life on earth. Furthermore, the topic covers various factors which affect the soil.

1.10 Classification of Soil-

This topic further divides into several subtopics which describe the various types of soils mentioned below:

  • Alluvial Soil
  • Black Soil
  • Reds and yellow Soil
  • Laterite Soil
  • Arid Soil
  • Forest Soils

1.11 Soil Erosion and Soil Conservation- This topic discusses the ways by which the topmost layer get degraded. And in the second part discuss the ways of conserving this soil.

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