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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 11 Free PDF Download

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CBSE  Class 11  Chemistry Chapter 11 The p-Block Elements NCERT Solutions

The p-block elements deal with the elements that are present in the p-block of the modern periodic table. There are variations in properties in the p-block elements due to the influence of d and f electrons present in the inner core of heavier elements.

Also, after this chapter is done, students will be able to learn about trends in the chemistry of p-block elements. Additionally, they will know about trends in the chemical and physical properties of group 13 and 14 elements and explain the anomalous behavior of carbon and boron. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 11

Also, they will describe the allotropic forms of carbon and know the chemistry about the compounds of carbon, boron, and silicon. Some of the concepts described in group 13 elements are the atomic radii, the boron family, electronegativity, chemical and physical properties, some of the important compounds of borax, boron, etc.

Additionally, the concepts used in group 14 elements are electronic configuration, carbon family, covalent radius, electronegativity, physical and chemical properties, allotropes of carbon, graphite, diamond, etc. 

Sub-topics covered under NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 11

Chapter 11 of chemistry class 11, the p-block elements is a part of unit 11. The total weight of unit 8, 9, 10, and 11 is of 16 marks. You can get a 100% accurate NCERT solutions for class 11 chemistry on Toppr which is solved by our subject experts. Following are the topics and subtopics in the p-block elements chapter: 

  • Ex 11.1 – Group 13 Elements: The Boron Family
    • Ex 11.1.1 – Electronic Configuration
    • Ex 11.1.2 – Atomic Radii
    • Ex 11.1.3 – Ionization Enthalpy
    • Ex 11.1.4 – Electronegativity
    • Ex 11.1.5 – Physical Properties
    • Ex 11.1.6 – Chemical Properties
  • Ex 11.2 – Important Trends And Anomalous Properties Of Boron
  • Ex 11.3 – Some Important Compounds Of Boron
    • Ex 11.3.1 – Borax
    • Ex 11.3.2 – Orthoboric Acid
    • Ex 11.3.3 – Diborane, B2H6
  • Ex 11.4 – Uses Of Boron And Aluminium And Their Compounds
  • Ex 11.5 – Group 14 Elements: The Carbon Family
    • Ex 11.5.1 – Electronic Configuration
    • Ex 11.5.2 – Covalent Radius
    • Ex 11.5.3 – Ionization Enthalpy
    • Ex 11.5.4 – Electronegativity
    • Ex 11.5.5 – Physical Properties
    • Ex 11.5.6 – Chemical Properties
  • Ex 11.6 – Important Trends And Anomalous Behaviour Of Carbon
  • Ex 11.7 – Allotropes Of Carbon
    • Ex 11.7.1 – Diamond
    • Ex 11.7.2 – Graphite
    • Ex 11.7.3 – Fullerenes
    • Ex 11.7.4 – Uses Of Carbon
  • Ex 11.8 – Some Important Compounds Of Carbon And Silicon
    • Ex 11.8.1 – Carbon Monoxide
    • Ex 11.8.2 – Carbon Dioxide
  • Ex 11.8.3 – Silicon Dioxide, Sio2
  • Ex 11.8.4 – Silicones
  • Ex 11.8.5 – Silicates
  • Ex 11.8.6 – Zeolites

You can download NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 11 PDF by clicking on the button below

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 11 PDF Download

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