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Time Formula Physics


Speed is the measure of how quickly an object moves from one place to another. It is computed as equal to the distance traveled divided by the time. It is possible to find any of these three values using the known values of the other two. In this article, we will discuss the concept and relationship of speed, time and distance. Also, we will see the time formula physics with some examples. As this topic forms a comprehensive part of every competitive exam, the student must understand this topic. This article will enable you to solve all time, speed and distance word problems.  Let us learn the concept!

Time formula physics


Time Formula Physics

Concept of Speed, Distance and Time

To find the speed, we need distance traveled over some known time period. Thus speed is distance divided by time. To find the distance, we need to know the time and speed of the object. Thus distance is the product of speed with time.

Similarly, we can compute time during the motion to cover some distance with some known speed. This time can be calculated by dividing the distance with speed given. Speed is a very common concept in motion which is all about how slow or fast any object travel. Distance is directly proportionate to Velocity i.e speed of the object when time is constant.

These formulas are very simple but very important for computations.

The Formula for Time in Physics

Simple formulas are as given below:

1)         To compute the Speed:

Speed  = \(\frac{Distance}{Time}\)

2)         To compute the Distance:

Distance = Speed × Time

3)         To compute the time:

Time = \(\frac {Distance}{Speed}\)

In terms of mathematical we have these formulas as below:

s = \(\frac{d}{t}\)

d = s × t

t = \(\frac {d}{s}\)


s Speed
d Distance
t Time

Speed is measured in the unit of a meter per second i.e. \(ms^{-1}\). As distance is measured in meter and time is measured in seconds.

Solved Examples

Q.1:  An animal runs from one side of a park to the other. The park is 80.0 meters across. The pet animal takes 16.0 seconds to cross the park. What is the speed of the animal?

Solution:  The distance the animal travels and the time took by both are given here. The animal’s speed can be computed with the formula:

\(s = \frac{d} {t}\)

i.e. s = \(\frac{80} {16}\)

i.e. s= \(5 m s^{-1}\)

Therefore the speed of the animal was 5 meters per second.

Q.2: A golf cart is driven at a maximum speed of 27 km per hour for a duration of 10 minutes. Calculate the distance traveled in meters by the golf cart.

Solution: At the first step for solving this problem we will change the units of the speed and time. So that the answer found will be in the meter.


s = 27.0 km per h

s = \(27 \times \frac{18} {5}\)

= \(7.5 \; m per sec\).

Now, the time of cart traveled was:

t = 10 minute

t = 10 × 60 sec

= 600 sec

Now the formula for distance traveled,

d = s × t

d = 7.5 × 600

= 4500 meter

The golf cart traveled 4500-meter distance. This is equal to 4.50 km.

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