Non-Verbal Analogy

Reasoning requires logical and intellectual skills as well as practice. One of the most important parts of this reasoning is the non-verbal analogy. It is important that you know the shortcuts and tricks so that you can solve these questions quickly because time is the most important factor. These tricks can help you solve questions in bank exams, government exams, and many other exams that have a time limit.

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What is a Non-verbal Analogy?

When you compare two things it becomes an analogy. And in the non-verbal analogy, you compare two similar figure and find the relationship between them. You can easily master this topic because unlike other questions this one does not require any numerical skill. Also, you don’t need to remember any formula while solving the question.

Non-verbal analogy

Non-verbal analogy

Now we will help you with some of the solved questions. This will help you understand non-verbal analogy questions better. Later we will provide you with some of the new questions for practice.

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Rotation of the Figures

In this type of non-verbal analogy questions, you need to establish a similarity between the first figures and then apply the same rule to the other two figures and find the missing figure. If the question is based on rotation than you need to determine how much do the figures in the question rotates in comparison each other. Once you have established the amount of rotation than you need to check on the other two i.e. one in the question and one out of the figures given in the answer to check which is the correct figure.

Example 1: Which suitable figure will replace the question mark based on the figures given in question?

In this question, we need to find the similarity between the first two figures. Looking at these two figures you can see that figure B is rotated 180 to the right of the figure A. The same logic applies to the other two figures. From the options, you can see that when you rotate figure C by 180° you will get the figure given in option 2. Thus the correct answer is option 2.

From the given figures find the suitable figure that can replace the question mark.

Figure A and B are vertically inverted to each other. In simple terms when you see the figure A in the mirror invertedly you will see a figure similar to the one given in B. Applying the same logic, the figure in option (1) will be vertically inverted to the figure C. Thus a correct answer is an option (1).

Example 2: Establish the similar relationship between C and D as the one given in figure A and B.

Here either side of figure A is not shaded, whereas the left side of figure B is shaded black. Similarly, figure C is not at all shaded and the upper portion of figure D will be shaded. Thus the correct answer here is a figure (5).

Practice Questions

Q1. Which suitable figure will complete the question mark in the below figure.

A. 1                       B. 2

C. 3                      D. 4

Ans: C) 3

Q. Based on the figure in the question find a suitable figure from the five figures in the option.

A. 1                      B. 2

C. 3                      D. 4

Ans: C) 3

Q. Select a suitable figure that will replace the question mark of the figure given in the question.

A. 1                     B. 2

C. 3                    D. 4

E. 5

The answer is (2)

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    2) 5: 625
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    96: 12
    13: 169
    169: 13
    256: 16

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