Data Sufficiency

Decision Making Test

Reasoning section makes up for a very important section in banking exams. For this section, students cannot prepare solely on the basis of their memory. This section requires immense practice and understanding for solving the questions. In this article, we will explain to you the decision making test and its a concept with the help of questions.

Decision Making Test

Decision Making Test


Below is the question related to decision making test that helps you with a better understanding of the topic.

Solved Example

Q. Below are the criteria required to fulfill by a student to gain the admission into any engineering college in Gujarat.

1. The candidate must have passed the HSC examination with academic subjects like physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Also, the total of these three subjects put together will only be considered eligible for the application.


A student passing anyone of the HSC vocational subject with any one of the subjects related to engineerings like Physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Also, a minimum average percentage is applicable to eligibility.

2. The candidate must have scored at least 50% in CBSE or 60% marks in HSC.

3. The candidate must be a resident of Gujarat. Thus, he/she should have passed their 10th and 12th standard from Gujarat.

4. Candidate should at least score 60% marks in the entrance exam.

3) A) At 3. above if their guardians or parents were serving continuously in Gujarat for the last five years during the time of admissions. Also, they are eligible to apply and their candidates can be admitted under the state quota.

4) B) At 2. above, but the student has a good track record in the sport. So, the candidate can be admitted under the sports quota.

In all the questions below, details of one student are given. You need to take on a course of action on the basis of information provided to you. Also, it should be based on the conditions and sub-conditions provided to you and mark down the no. of courses of action need to take as per your answer. Do not assume anything other than the information provided to you. All the case given here are as of 01.11.2018

Give answer (a) if the admission is to granted.

Give answer (b) if the admission can’t be granted.

Answer (c) if the data is not sufficient to take a decision.

Give answer (d) if the candidate is to be admitted under the sports quota.

Answer (e) when the candidate is to be admitted under the other state quota.


Q. Chirag was born and brought up in Kerala. He has scored 60% in CBSE and has also scored 50% in the entrance exam.

In this case, Chirag does not satisfy the 3rd and 4th conditions. So, admission cannot be granted to Chirag. So, the correct answer is option B.

1. Priyanka is a resident of Gujarat. Furthermore, she has scored 75% in HSC along with the academic subjects. Also, she has scored 65% in her entrance exams.

Here, based on the information given, Priyanka fulfills all the conditions. Thus, admission can be given to her. So, the correct answer is option A.

Practice Questions

Answer this question using the above information.

Q. Manish has scored 72% marks in HSC with academic subjects and further 64% in the entrance exam. He also studied his HSC in Andhra Pradesh. His father has to work in Gujarat since 2010.

The correct answer is option E.

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