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Committees on Tax Reforms

For a large country like India, the tax reforms brought in requires utmost care. Thus, the government forms Committees on Tax Reforms. The main objective of these committees is to ensure the tax reforms does not affect the daily lives of the citizens in the country.

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Committees on Tax Reforms

Committees on Tax Reforms

Sr No.

Name of the Committee

Focus Area

1 Aditya Puri Committee Dissemination the Credit Information
2 A Ghosh Committee Malpractices and Frauds in India
3 A K Khandelwal Committee For HR issues related to public sector banks
4 Abid Hussain Committee For Small Scale Industries
5 AK Bhuchar Committee Coordination between commercial banks and term lending institutions
6 Ajay Shankar Committee For reviewing the functioning of PPP cell
7 C Rangarajan committee For estimating the poverty scale in the country
8 Dave Committee (2000) For Pension Scheme For Unorganized Sector
9 Deepak Mohanty Committee Information management and data  in the RBI
10 H R Khan Committee Evaluates the unclaimed PPP and post office saving
11 Bhide Committee Coordination between SFC’s and commercial banks
12 Janakiraman Committee Investigates the security transactions in a bank
13  KM Chandrasekhar committee  For rationalization of foreign investment norms
14 Cook Committee For Capital adequacy of banks
15 Damodaran Committee Improvement in the customer services of the banks
16 Justice M B Shah Commission On black money
17 Basel Committee For Banking Supervision
18 Deepak Parekh committee For Financing Infrastructure sector
19 Dinesh Sharma Committee Proposing new regulation related to virtual currencies or digital currencies
20 Bhandari Committee For Reconstruction of RRBs
21  Shyamala Gopinath Committee  For Suggestions on Post office Small saving schemes
22 James Raj Committee The functioning of various public sector banks
23 K.V.Kamath Panel To examine the financial architecture for small, medium and micro enterprises
24 Kelkar Committee  For Tax Structure Reforms
25 ML Dhantwala Committee Regional Rural Banks
26 MBN Rao Committee Prepares the blueprint of India’s first women bank
27 Parthasarathi Shome For Tax Administration Reform Commission
28 Parthasarathi Shome Committee For Implementation of GAAR
29 Nachiket Mor Committee Providing financial services for low-income households and small businesses
30 Raja Chelliah Committee For Tax Reforms
31 Rakesh Mohan Committee Small Savings
32 P J Nayak Committee Governance of Boards in banks
33 R V Gupta Committee For Small Savings
34 R. Jilani Committee Inspection System in Banks
35 Narasimham Committee For Banking Sector Reforms
36 N Rangachary committee Examining the taxation policies for the IT Sector
37 N. K Singh Committee To review the budget management act and fiscal responsibility
38 Rattan P Watal Committee Boosting the digital payment system in India
39 Rekhi Committee For Indirect Taxes
40 Sudharshan  Sen Committee Studying the regulatory issues related to digital banking and financial technology in India
41 Suma Verma Committee To revise and update the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006
42 SN Verma Committee (1999) Restructuring The Commercial Banks
43 SS Nadkarni Committee Trading in public banks
44 Vaghul Committee For Money Market In India
45 Tandon Committee Follow up for bank credit
46 UK Sharma Committee For NABARD’s Role In RRB
47 Urjit Patel Committee To examine the current monetary policy framework
48 Vipin Malik Committee Consolidated Accounting by banks
49 R.H. Khan Committee For Harmony among the roles of a financial institution in banks
50 Raghuram Rajan Committee For Financial Sector Reforms
51 RS Gujral Committee To Suggest measures to boost MSME exports
52 S P Talwar Committee For Restructuring Of Weak Public Sector Bank

Practice Questions on Committees on Tax Reforms

Q. Which committee was established for bringing the banking sector reforms?

A. RS Gujral Committee

B. UK Sharma Committee

C. Suma Verma Committee

D. Narasimham Committee

Answer: D. Narasimham Committee

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