Advantages and Disadvantages of Email

The way people have been doing is completely changed since the use of email. Now, it is very less time consuming to send someone the message or text about the details of the project.

It can be done in a go with the use of email. But, it is not the same for everyone. For many people, email is boring and time-consuming.

As there are two sides of a coin, all other things also have two sides to it. For email also there are two sides. Let us explore the advantages and disadvantages of email.

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For many people, email has affected their business in a positive way. While for others email is a just a spamming scheme which they avoid it. For every advantage of email, there are disadvantages too. It depends on person to person as well as from the type of businesses they are involved in.

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Advantages of Email

advantages and disadvantages of email

Advantages and Disadvantages of email

Ease of Use

One of the first advantages of email that comes to mind is the ease with which you can use email. With the increasing use of smartphones emailing anyone has become a lot more easier. You can manage all the correspondences of your email and related work from a small screen itself. Same is the case for customers.

You can send the email promptly to anyone and that someone can reply you anytime they want. The proposal that you send through the email can be read, stored, and answer instantaneously. It can be forwarded to others as well without any amount of paperwork being involved.


As we mentioned, an email can be sent at any time to anyone, it can also be sent in a matter of seconds. That’s how quick the email systems work. The email that you have sent can be received by anyone in the world in a matter of seconds.

There is no other delivery system in the business world that can deliver this fast. Thus, this also helps in making business decisions quickly for the organization.


When you compare email to other delivery systems, it is basically free. You can compare it with fax, telephone, and the other courier services. But no system is as cheap as email. There are some business plans which might cost you some money, but the personal email is everywhere free of cost.


Every business emails contain a subject line. Thus, it becomes very easy to identify which emails are important and which are not. On the basis of this, you can prioritize the emails necessary for you and save in another folder. The reader can also know the mail from the subject line.

In the regular mail, a reader needs to open the letter or the mail to know what does it contain. But in emails this is different. You can know about the message beforehand and thus it can help in interpreting it better for readers.


Emails are generally the transmission of a business message from one firm to another. Thus, it also requires a form of security so that the messages can only be sent to the other concerning the organization. This makes the emails more secure and private.

The other modes of communication like the telephone and fax are not very secure to use. A lot of credit goes to the emails for all its advantages. These advantages help in the productivity of an organization as well. However, there are some negatives to email as well.

Disadvantages of Email


Email makes the communication is in an organization easier and efficient. But there are instances where the communication needs to be face to face rather than the email. This is where email lags when you look at the options available. Many times the messages and deals are better interpreted on the telephone or through a letter rather the email communication.


In emails, you make use of the popular jargons and pronouns to put forward your point. This can lead to some conflicting emails in the future. These conflicts happen when the email that you have sent is full of abbreviations and short descriptions. Further, the over the use of emoticons can confuse the opposite person and your message might not be conveyed properly.


Although the email that you have sent takes no time to be delivered, it takes time to print it and get a copy. Also, the ease of email correspondence means that the total emails that an average person per day is more than the normal emails.

Thus, this increases the workload of an organization on day to day basis. This organization of emails and reading them will take a lot of your time and will hamper your productivity. Many times in an organization it is better to communicate through telephones or face to face.


The emails are very vulnerable in terms of the data. It takes a lot of time and effort to destroy someone’s letters and printed emails. But the emails can be destroyed in no time. Also, the data on the server can be lost when the site goes out of business or it is down.

Questions on Advantages and Disadvantages of Email

Q. Out of the following options, which is the easiest way of communication?

A. Telephone

B. Fax


D. Letter

Answer: C.Email

Q. The attachments in the email can be of any size.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B. False

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    Thanks for sharing such valuable content. To know how to use the email system in the right way can be very helpful for the business as email marketing has become one of the best strategies to reach your target audience.

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