Proper E-mail Correspondence

Many of us use email back and forth every day to deal with different kinds of email correspondence. This might be anything from personal use to business use or school/college related. We all require proper means through which we can channel these emails efficiently. And the efficient way to do this is using proper email correspondence. When the emails you are corresponding are well drafted and proper it tends to reach its target.

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Email since the last few years has come a long way. Many of this is due to the advents of smartphones. Because of smartphones, you can email anyone, any time of the day. It is no longer the same as it was a decade ago.

Therefore, it becomes very important that we are careful to what we are saying and how we are saying it.  Because of improper emails many big deals can be canceled and ignite the problems in the organization. Thus, after drafting a business, it is important that you proofread it properly.

Example of email


                           Proper E-mail correspondence

Here is an example which can get many different responses. Suppose you pay for an item online through your credit card. The company in return tells you about the time it would take the product to be delivered to you. Now, you are relaxed that the product will arrive on or before the time.

But many days have passed and still, the order has not been delivered. So, you think of calling their customer care service to find out about the product delivery. You try and call them several times a day but the call remains unanswered.

The next best option you have is to email them. So, you try and email them about the details of the product and asking them when you will receive it. There are multiple attempts already done by you to get an answer from the company.

But all have been futile so far and that is why you have become angry with the company. Even after emailing them, no one is giving you any reply. Days are passing and you still are getting any reply either on phone or on email. You have already paid the money so you cannot get this out of your head.

Thus, you decide to try one and final time. This time though you want to lash out your anger on the company. Further, you accuse them of being a thief and return back your money. And you threaten them more to take legal action against them.

Will this be beneficial to any of the parties though? Do you think this will prompt them to reply you faster? Surely you will feel better while writing this email, but in most of the cases, you do not get a reply further.

Another Scenario

Now we take the same scenario and change the approach. This time instead of lashing out you write to them stating that, Gentleman, I have written you two emails earlier, but you might not have got them.

I am writing this to know about the status of my product that I have ordered from you several days ago. There might be chances that the product must have been lost in transit and that is why I am concerned.

Further, I have tried calling you a couple of times earlier, but somehow the calls didn’t get through. It would be good to hear anything related to this from you people. Thank you.

Straightaway you get a reply from the company stating with the reasons that they couldn’t deliver the product. But now they are giving you that product free of cost for all the hassle and trouble you had to go through. And they also apologize you for the same.

In both the cases, the notable difference was the tone. The best way to communicate anything is through being courteous as well as professional.

Further, in such cases when you don’t hear back from vendors you can add more people to the email so that many are aware of the situation. But the tone should always be subtle. This is how you can prompt any reply from the vendors in the future.

Solved Question for You

Q. What is the best way to make several points in the email?

A. Use numbering, lists, etc.

B. Add them in the first paragraph

C. Add them in the last paragraph

D. None of the above


A. Use numbering, lists, etc.

Q. In the emails, the paragraphs should be…

A. Short

B. Medium

C. Long

D. Does not matter


A. Short

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  1. John says:

    Thanks for sharing such valuable content. To know how to use the email system in the right way can be very helpful for the business as email marketing has become one of the best strategies to reach your target audience.

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