The Internet has changed the way people look at things. It has also changed the way technology affects human beings. The Internet is available for everyone and all the data is stored on a particular website. But within the organizations, there is a concept called intranet, which contains all the information that is specified for that particular organization.

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Here the word ‘intra’ means within, and for the organization, it is within the organization. For external people, this information is not available anywhere. That is why it is many times referred to as the internal information.

When it comes to effective business communication, the intranet is the best of the lot. The intranet that is used within the company helps the employees know about all the happenings within that company.

Thus, in a way, the intranet can be used for providing the newsletters, articles, and the various documents of the company. The intranet in a company means that the people in that particular company can only access the information which is not available elsewhere like the internet.

Further, it is open to everyone in the company who as an active internet connection. Many companies have started to replace the emails and various paperwork because of the intranet. This is done because it can give them access to anyone within the company irrespective of his location the chance to have the information related to the company.

Generally, the intranet in the company is very secure. This means that anyone from outside the company cannot access this information. One of the core benefits of the intranet is that it allows for a central communication area for the entire company.

There are people in the company who works in a remote location. For them, this gives a chance to be connected with a company.




The main purpose is to have internal communication. Further, it is used to deliver the tools and the applications. For example, the collaborations or sophisticated corporate directories, CRM tools, project management, and many more. This is done to increase the productivity of the company.

In addition to this, intranets are also used by the corporates as a means of the culture change program. In this, the large number of employees can discuss various key issues in the open forum. This, in turn, could lead to the generation of new ideas, productivity, management quality, and various other issues incorporate.

When one part of the intranet is made to available to the customers and other people outside the business area then it becomes the extranet. Here, variously firms and businesses can send messages to each other privately.

They use the public network, which is specifically decrypted/encrypted. There are other security concerns also taken into account which are safeguarded when one part of a company’s intranet is connected to the other one.

The various teams like editorial, technology team, and the intranet user experience teamwork in tandem to produce the in-house sites on the intranet. Generally, in organizations, it is managed by the communications team or the HR department.

In many, it is managed by the combination of both the teams. These teams ensure that the activity on the intranet follows all the guidelines of the company. Any company would not like to have malicious content being posted on their websites. Due to this and many other reasons, the future of web communications is growing rapidly.

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Benefits of the Intranet

It helps in getting the message across the staff members in the organization. As a result, there are fun activities which can be performed on the intranet as well. Here are some of the benefits of the intranet in the organization.


Due to the intranet, the information can be accessed anywhere and at anytime. This helps the workplace get the information whenever they want. Thus, they can view the information faster and use it as per their needs.


It helps people in the organization get information based on their needs. Thus, only the required amount of information is being given to the employees and it takes very less time to process it. The employees may link this information to a relevant one and based on their convenience.

Reduces cost

Anytime the information is needed, employees can access using their desktop or the smartphone. This helps the company in saving the extra space which is required in the form of the physical documents being stored in the organization.

There is various information like the internal phone numbers, procedure materials which are required on a day to day basis. When this information is available on hand, it can essentially save the time as well as the money. The organization is freed from costs like printing, maintenance, and many more.


Intranet can save time by making the communications quick. It works as a powerful tool for an organization horizontally as well as vertically. It can initiate the strategic communications within the company and as it is secure, companies can rely on it. Every member of the team can be up to date with just a single click.

Question on Intranet

Q. In the organization, the information available on the intranet can be accessible by whom?

A. Anyone outside the organization

B. Only a few members in the organization

C. All the people in the organization.

D. None of the above

Answer: C. All the people in the organization.

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