Concept of E-correspondence


The needs for the internet is ever so increasing. Whether you are an expert, student, non-professional, professional, everyone is turning extensively towards the internet for their daily use. There are many things which we can do on the internet. Perhaps many things have become a lot easier because of the use of the Internet. Even formal e-mail writing has been so accessible nowadays that many companies don’t even need to train their employees regarding this.

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Doing the banking operations online, finding the educational institutions abroad, send corporate emails has become so easy.  From a basic stuff to the complex tasks, everything can be done on the internet nowadays.

All of us, look for answers on the ocean of the knowledge known as the world wide web(www). The world wide web provides a system which is interlinked to many documents and further can be accessed by the internet.

With the use of a web browser, you can search images, texts, videos, and many other multimedia by navigating through various hyperlinks. Many people make the mistake of thinking that the internet and world wide web are the two same things.

But these things are in fact very different from one another. They are related to each other, but they are not similar. This brings us to E-correspondence.

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What is E-correspondence?

When one firm writes an email to another firm, and the answers thereto to the mail is given then the correspondence between the firms is formed. Such correspondence when done through the online means of email than it is called E-correspondence.

formal e-mail writing

                                                                                                       Concept of E-correspondence

When one firm writes an email to another firm, and the answers thereto to the mail is given then the correspondence between the firms is formed. Such correspondence when done through the online means of email than it is called E-correspondence.

Thus, E-correspondence is generally an election correspondence or the email correspondence. The use of the communication here is via electronic means. The information between the parties is exchanged through email addresses.

Therefore, it is viable for both the parties to give their correct email address. This is how both of them will receive the information.

Formal E-mail Writing

Email writing is considered a very crucial part of any organization. It is generally considered as the only written form of communication. Therefore, it is given a lot of importance.

Also, the person sending the email needs to care as the email many times contains the private information of the company.

So, it is his duty that this information is not shared with anyone else. Before knowing more about the formal email writing, we should understand the concepts and features of email writing.

Concepts of E-mail

E-mail which is a short form of an electronic mail is a very common way of formal communication in an organization. The process involves the sending and receiving of the message in the form of a text, file, image, etc.

There are also many options to send the automatic emails to more people using the mailing list and mail merge option. There are many forms of oil which are used in the organization.

They can vary from book chapters to business presentations to detailed contracts and many more. The graphics file or any artwork can also be transmitted through an email.

In today’s age, many businesses revolve around the emails and the communication done through it. The reason is the advantages that email has against other forms of communication. The major one being 24 hours availability.

In the past decade email has become the most important form of business communication and thus many small businesses are starting to adopt it.

That is why many consultants are now advising the companies to shape up their emails so that it convenient to use them.

Another factor that is associated with email is the safety and security. Now, you easily and securely forward the texts, images, and videos through emails.

Features of E-mail

Cost-effective: Emails are very cost-effective and also provides communication in a faster way as compared to other modes of communication. With the help of smartphones, you can send email easily from any time and anywhere.

Packages: With the help of messenger and Outlook, you can compose many formats of email. This can help you send it to anyone in no time. Also, the address box allows the sender to sends the email without any trouble. You can change the font size, highlight the important points, save the images, and many more using email.

Spam: Any unwanted or unsolicited emails can be sent in the junk folders without any effort. These emails can be advertisements, promotions, job offers, etc which you are not interested in.

Signature: You can customize your signature based on your requirements in the email. Whenever you are replying to someone or emailing someone than this signature will automatically appear at the bottom of the email. Thus, you don’t need to write your details again and again.

Attachment: This feature allows you to share any documents, presentations, pictures, videos, and many more along with the email. The size of attachment will be limited.

Solved Question for You

Q. The email should end by including your:

A. your name

B. name and company name

C. relevant contact information

D. None of the above

Answer: C. relevant contact information

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