CBSE Class 12 Physics Revision Notes

CBSE Class 12 Physics Chapter 13 – Nuclei Class 12 Notes

Nuclei Class 12 CBSE Revision Notes

Nuclei class 12 notes explain students all about Nuclei in detail. It helps the students answer questions about the structure of a nucleus. Moreover, it discusses the constituents of the nucleus and how they are held together. It helps students in learning about the various properties of the nuclei. Furthermore, it elucidates the size, mass and stability of the same. After that, it will also throw light upon the associated nuclear phenomena such as radioactivity, fission and fusion.

You will also learn about the atomic mass and the composition of the nucleus. Furthermore, it discusses the mass-energy and nuclear-binding energy. The topics of nuclear force are given in detail over here. Thus, nuclei class 12 notes also enumerate about nuclear fission in terms of nuclear energy. After this chapter, your fundamentals of nuclei will be cleared along with offering a better understanding.

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Sub-topics covered under Nuclei:

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nuclei class 12 notes

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