How to Make Easy Dry Ice?

How to Make Dry Ice?

We are all familiar with ice but not really with how to make dry ice. However, what most people do not know is that there are essentially two types of ice. One is the ordinary ice which we have at our homes. Next, we have dry ice. You can get it at any specialized stores nowadays.

While ordinary ice helps in keeping our drinks and food cool and also helps in medicines and cosmetics, dry ice still remains unknown to many. People often wonder how to make dry ice. But, what they don’t know is that the process is very easy.

What is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is essentially a solid form of the chemical carbon dioxide. But, dry ice is extremely cold. It has quite an interesting property at room temperature. Dry ice does not melt instead it evaporates. Thus, we see how it avoids the liquid state.

This helps in creating an interesting effect. As the transition temperature of dry ice from ordinary to gaseous states is -78.5 degrees Celsius, one must be very careful around it. It requires special protective clothing to be worn.

how to make dry ice

Use of Dry Ice

Dry ice is a natural and safe substance. It performs all the functions similar to ordinary ice but it does not have a liquid state. This makes dry ice more easy to use. For instance, we can transport food and medicine with the help of dry ice.

Furthermore, we can also store ice cream and a cool beer in supermarkets through dry ice. In addition, we can also use dry ice to make fizzy water.

Similarly, kvass can also be made using dry ice. Dry ice also allows us to freeze food items like meat and fish properly.

Most importantly, it also has household uses. We can get rid of old ceramic tiles by using dry ice. Moreover, the sublimation process allows usage of dry ice in photos, at concerts, discotheques, and more.

How to Make Dry Ice at Home?

Dry ice is a fascinating substance which intrigues everyone. We have all wondered at some time as to how to make dry ice. Well, it is as easy as creating it in your own house. Just remember to do it in an open space and not a closed room.

Things required for making dry ice

Fire extinguisher with Carbon Dioxide
Cloth gloves
Old or discarded pillowcase, thick towel or sock.
Lab coat

Procedure of Making Dry Ice

Before starting the procedure, always keep in mind to wear protective clothing especially on your hands. Dry ice burns a lot so you must be careful. Kids must not proceed at any cost without the supervision of an adult or professional.

Start by taking the fire extinguisher and place the nozzle in the pillowcase or whatever you are using. Ensure that you completely seal the nozzle by the cloth. This will prevent any gas from escaping.

Once you’re ready, press hard on the release trigger. The carbon dioxide which will flow out very quickly won’t turn into gas but will bear a resemblance to snow.

That is exactly what dry ice is. Subsequently, when you will add dry ice pieces to water, a fog will appear through the evaporation of the ice.

You can also try out various tricks using dry ice. For instance, on adding a cleaning agent in water with dry ice, a lot of foam will appear on the surface. Similarly, if you burst it the fog will appear in bubbles.

Solved Question for You

Question- What kind of fire extinguisher is required for making dry ice?

A. Water fire extinguisher
B. Foam fire extinguisher
C. Dry Powder fire extinguisher
D. Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

Answer- The answer is Option D. One requires a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher for making dry ice.

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