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Company Overview of Microsoft and IBM

The biggest innovation of the last 3 decades has been the invention of software technologies. Silicon Valley companies have taken the world by storm. Let us learn more about the two most influential tech companies in the world – Microsoft Corporation and IBM.

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Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft corporation

This is perhaps one of the most well-known technology companies in the world. Microsoft is a multinational company which originated in America. Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975 its headquarters are in Redmond Washington.

Microsoft is in multiple businesses. Such as, developing and manufacturing as well as licensing and selling of computer software, personal computers, and other consumer electronics.

The most famous product of theirs is perhaps its Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

As per 2016, it is the largest software company in the world. Valued at nearly 85 billion USD, it is also one of the most valuable companies in the world as well. It employs nearly 130,000 employees worldwide.


Microsoft has a very simple Vision, to help individuals and businesses realize their full potential with the help of their products. Its Mission Statement defines the global reach it aims to achieve.

Their mission is to empower every person and company on the planet so they can progress and accomplish more.

Microsoft in India

Microsoft has a subsidiary based in India known as Microsoft Corporation India. It first entered the Indian market in 1990 and now the Indian subsidiary is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. In India, Microsoft has six business units that mostly cover their entire product range,

  1. Microsoft Research Centre India
  2. Microsoft India (Research and Development) India
  3. Microsoft IT (India)
  4. Microsoft Services Global Delivery
  5. MCILP
  6. Microsoft (India) Global Support Centre

IBM Corporation

Microsoft corporation

One of the world’s largest corporation, literally known as “the Big Blue” is International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). It is an American MNC first established in 1911 and currently based out of New York USA. It was founded by Charles Flint.

IBM is one of the exclusive 30 companies included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It is also one of the largest global employers, having around 380,000 employees worldwide. In fact, five of its employees have been awarded the Nobel Prize in various fields.

IBM is mainly in the business of manufacturing and marketing both computer hardware and software. It provides hosting services as well. It also is a leading company in Research and Development. IBM holds the record for most patent generated in a year for 25 years in a row.

IBM has a subsidiary in India as well, IBM India Private Ltd. It even has a joint venture in India since 1992 known as the Tata Information Systems Ltd.


IBM has a very diverse portfolio of services, products, and brands. It has a presence in the sectors of IT infrastructure, manufacturing, data, e-commerce, cloud services, analytics mobiles, and cyber security etc.

Recently IBM has launched a unique new product – IBM Watson. It is a computer system capable of answering questions in natural language (not computer language).

Solved Question for You

Q: Who is the current CEO of Microsoft (2018)?

  1. Satya Narayan Nadella
  2. Bill Gates
  3. Narayan Murthy
  4. None of the above

Ans: The correct answer is A. Satya Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft in 2014 succeeding Steve Ballmer.

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