Career Goals Essay for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay on Career Goals

One of the frequent questions asked by the HR in an interview is ‘What are your career goals?’ So, people that are looking for jobs come across questions like, what are your short term goals? Or what will be your long term goals? So, when a person is asked about his/her career goals than the hiring manager is mainly trying to figure out if the goals are aligned with what the person is going to be doing in the company. The career goals essay will try to answer the questions and provide more clarity on the topic. 

Career Goals Essay

There are many people that have a clear vision for their career during the early stages of life. Also, the questions given above are not just the FAQs one looks at for job interviews. So, the answer to the questions gives a complete picture of a person’s vision. Thus, we need to understand the right meaning of the career goal, their importance in a person’s life. Additionally, we need to understand how one can really set their career goals. 

What is Career Goal? 

Basically, setting up targets in academics as well as professional for a given time frame is called a career goal. So, suppose an 18-year-old boy, has just his 12th class exam. Thus, he has decided to enter into a 4 year BTech program. Also, after the degree, he has to work for a big MNC for 2 years. Additionally, after the work experience, he will try to get into a management course from one of the reputed B-school. So, afterward, the boy is aiming to become the CEO of XYZ company. This example can be stated as a career goal example for the 18-year-old boy. 

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Important of Career Goals in Life and Different Types of Career Goal

A career goal is a target and target gives a person a compelling reason to achieve it. Similarly, if the career goal for a student is set already, he/she can get a proper direction in their life. Additionally, the person will strive hard to accomplish the task and thereby reach the target. However, it is not easy to achieve the long term career goals. Thus, in this case, it is better to breakdown the tasks into small and achievable tasks. Thus, one can have frequent opportunities to accomplish the goals and feel motivated about taking other goals. 

When the students set goals, they have a very clear vision and thus they think ahead. Thus, whatever they do in their day to day life, they will relate it with their main goals. Also, they will be monitoring their progress. As time passes they face different challenges and this is what will make their life interesting. So, on the other hand, when a person does not set goals, they tend to be surprised as the times passes. Also, they will find that their time is all together is similar.

After working for another 5-6 years for the same company they find that they are doing nothing different. Thus, they tend to believe that live a boring and dull life. 

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