Class Discussion Summary

Summary of Class Discussion

Class Discussion summary will help in getting to know the gist of the poem. It is a poem written by Gervase Phinn. The poem is about a little girl who does not speak much. It is set in a class discussion that is happening with the teacher. During the discussion, the students and teachers are all engaging in the conversation. All of them are busy with discussing the topic. However, there is a girl Jane who is seen not participating in the conversation. She does not discuss anything and sit in silence and stares at everyone. On seeing her this silent, the teacher asks her if she has any problem. To this, Jane then gives a very befitting reply. She says that the world is full of all types of people. Similarly, it has some people who do not prefer talking that much as being quite is in their nature.

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Class Discussion Summary in English

The poem is about a class that is having a discussion with their teacher. Gervase Phinn is the poet of this poem. It teaches a great lesson to all. Everyone is busy discussing something or the other in the class. Now, the teacher’s attention goes towards Jane. She is a girl who is very quiet during this discussion. The teacher tells her that while everyone was discussing and saying something or the other, Jane was awfully quiet throughout.

Then, the teachers ask her the reason for her quietness. She asks her because, amongst all the chatter, Jane did not say anything and was just staring at everyone in silence. The teacher asks Jane to give a plain answer and very clear. The teacher wants to know what is the matter with Jane. After that, Jane decides to answer her teacher. She looks up at the teacher and then speaks in a very clear and low voice.

She tells her that the world is full of different types of people. There are some people who prefer to stay quiet. She hints this towards her nature. Moreover, she gives a befitting reply to all. This way she proves her point and also speaks on behalf of all people. Thus, this poem tells you about the different natures of children in a subtle manner. It is a nice way of telling that everyone is different in their own way.

The poem tells us that we should not judge everyone on the same parameter. We must allow everyone to be in their own way. Jane raises a voice for people that do not really like to talk at all times. We must not expect everyone to be the same as all. Some can be quiet and some can be chatterboxes, there isn’t any compulsion. So, we must be more accepting of everyone and treat everyone in a good manner.

Conclusion of Class Discussion

The poem is a great way of making people understand that there are different kinds of people and not everyone is alike, it throws light on the quiet people who do not prefer talking that much.

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