Crying Summary in English

Summary of Crying

In this article, we will be discussing Crying summary which is a poem written by Galway Kinnell. The poem tells the students how crying a little will not help anyone. It urges the students to cry their heart out. Only then will they feel content. The poet appeals everyone to cry till their pillow drenches in tears. Further, it states that after crying your heart out you will achieve happiness. Once you are done crying, you can be happy and get in the shower. Moreover, crying your heart out will let you laugh cheerfully. The poet also says that doing this will definitely make people wonder. However, one should not pay heed to all this. Instead, it is advisable to tell everyone that your happiness was laying in the last tear. That is to say, the last tear of ours was carrying our happiness all along.

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Crying Summary in English

The poem revolves around crying and finding happiness. It begins by telling people that when people cry only for a little bit, that will not help them at all. It says that it won’t be of any use. This is so because when you cry a little, you don’t let it all out.

When sadness remains inside you, you can never be truly happy. So, the poet appeals to everyone to cry their heart out. The poet wants you to cry until the pillow gets completely soaked in your tears. This way, you will know that everything is out.

The poet proceeds to tell us that when the crying session is over, you will feel lighter. Your mood will get better as there won’t be any sadness inside you. This is because you have taken it all out in the form of your tears. And because your pillow is all drenched, it means you have cried properly.

After crying your heart out, the poet wants you to jump in the shower. When you get in the shower, you will be happy. You can enjoy the water splashing as you are joyful now. Showering will make you happy after all that crying. In fact, a shower will soothe you and make you joyful.

Now, there won’t be any need to be sad. Further, the poet goes on to say that if you want, you can even open the window. You can enjoy splashing in the water and having a good bath. When you enjoy, it will catch people’s attention. Some might even question you as to what is happening over there.

The poet advises you to not let these questions hamper your happiness. In fact, you can simply just state that your happiness was hiding in the last tear you just shed. This way, you can go back to enjoying your shower without any worries.

Thus, this poem is a great way of telling us that we often fear to cry. However, crying is what will set our happiness free. So, cry your heart out and enjoy your happiness.

Conclusion of Crying

Crying summary tells us a very practical way to achieve happiness by crying our heart out so that no sadness is inside us and we can finally be happy.

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