The Little Bully Summary

Summary of The Little Bully

The little bully tells us a story about a boy who used to bully everyone in his class. It is about Hari who is not that big but is quite strong. Hari likes teasing other kids in his class. He does so by teasing the boys and girls at school. Moreover, the most favourite thing he enjoys doing is pinching others. In addition, he also likes pricking the other kids with a pin. Thus, everyone disliked Hari for his habits. Further, no one likes spending time with him. It happens one day that the class goes for a picnic to the seaside. Everyone plays with each other but not with Hari. He gets angry and goes near a rocky pool to have his lunch. Then, crabs, lobsters, shrimps and prawns emerge and star pricking him. He feels the pain and finally realizes he treats his classmates the same way.

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The Little Bully Summary in English

The story of The little Bully is written by Enid Blyton. It revolves around a bully named Hari. He is a small but strong boy who goes around teasing the other girls and boys of his school. Hari enjoys pinching a lot along with pricking kids with a pin. This is the reason why everyone in the class hates him. They do not like spending time with him because of these habits.

The children also try to give it back to him but he pinches backs harder. So, they were pretty helpless in this situation. One day, the class go for a picnic to the seaside. Everyone is very excited to play. They play with each other but no one likes playing with Hari so this angers him.

After that, Hari goes to a sandy corner and sits down all by himself. He takes out his lunch to start eating alone. He brought a very delicious lunch but had no one to share it with. As Hari begins to eat his lunch, a monster crab appears.

The crab takes out his claw and shakes it. However, the crab opens his pincers and nips Hari’s hand. Hari’s hand hurts so he yells in pain. Further, a lobster also crawls out of the pool and does the same to Hari.

Soon, shrimps and prawns start coming out of the pool and they start pricking him. This constant pinching turns Hari all black and blue. Hari is in pain and this surprises the creatures. They ask him why does not like this because they heard that he is a champion pincher and pricker.

Hari jumps in pain and his lunch rolls out. The creatures now hurry back to the lunch to enjoy the feast. Seeing this, Hari realizes it is time to run. He saves himself and runs away. However, he then realizes the lesson.

Finally, Hari realizes the pain he got from them is the same he inflicts on others. Thus, it helps him understand why no one likes him or plays with him. He then decides to not pinch or prick anymore.

Conclusion of The Little Bully

This story is a great way of teaching students about the consequences of bullying, it helps you realize that as you sow, so shall you reap.

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