Sing a Song of People Summary

Summary of Sing a Song of People

Sing a song of people is a poem that explains the fast-paced world. It tells us how everyone is in a hurry nowadays. It does not matter where the people are going, the hurrying up is constant. You will see them going here and there is a very hurried manner. It describes how people are in a hurry everywhere, either a subway or elevator. Even when it rains, that does not stop the pace. People keep moving with umbrellas to reach their destination. You see them rush for the taxis and ride the elevators as well. Further, it tells us how people who are even walking individually are ultimately part of a big crowd. After that, the poem goes on to describe the different behaviours of people. Some like to talk in a loud manner while some remain quiet. No one has the time to even look at others.

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Sing a Song of People Summary in English

This poem perfectly captures the fast-paced world we are living in. It is written by Lois Lenski. The poem begins by telling us about how people are in a hurry every now and then. It begins by telling us about the people who walk slow or fast. They are walking around the city, up and down. You can see that everyone is in such a hurry.

Further, you will find people walking on the sidewalks and on the buses as well. It says that you will find people in front of you as well as behind you, but they will always be there, that too in a hurry.

Next, the poem asks you to take a look at the people on the subway that is underneath the ground. Then, the ones who are going somewhere in a taxi. Everyone is going round and round and always in a hurry.

Moreover, the poem tells us that nothing stops people when they are in a hurry. If there is too much sun, they will put their hats on and go on about their work. Similarly, if it is raining, people won’t wait for the rain to stop. Instead, they will take an umbrella and go wherever they want to hurriedly.

The poet says he sees people in tall buildings and in the stores that are below. Some are riding the elevator and it keeps going up and down. It then tells us something interesting about crowds.

The poem states that even though everyone is walking individually, they all make up a whole crowd. In other words, while they are separated, they are still united. Some people will talk aloud while some will keep mum.

You will see people laughing, smiling, being grumpy, but they will never look around. So, the poem asks you to sing a song of people who will keep coming and going, You will see them but you will never know them as everyone is in a hurry.

Conclusion of Sing a Song of People

The poem helps us take a look at the fast-moving world through another perspective, it appeals us to halt and take a moment to look around and not be in such a hurry at all times.

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