Malu Bhalu Summary

Summary of Malu Bhalu

The poem is about a little polar bear who goes by the name of Malu Bhalu. It takes us on a journey of her growing up. We see that she lives in an icy lair. Further, the poem describes how she learns to catch fish. She looks up to her parents and learns things from her. Malu wishes to see things that are beyond the blue sky. After realizing this wish, she asks her mother for the same. However, her mother suggests her to have a little patience. She asks her to wait until she learns how to swim properly. One day, her mother urges her to swim but she gets scared. The mother makes her comfortable and asks Malu to follow her footsteps. Thus, Malu learns the skill very effortlessly. On seeing her swim so smoothly, she is ensured that Malu is a strong and fearless girl.

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Malu Bhalu Summary in English

The poem begins by telling us about a little polar bear who lives in an icy lair. This polar bear was white as snow and her name was Malu Bhalu. Pretty soon, she starts to learn new things. She picks up things from her parents like fishing.

We see how Malu is a clever girl who catches big and small fishes. Soon curiosity starts to kick in, she asks her mother to let her play far out. Malu wishes to explore the things that lie beyond the big blue sky. She wishes to see what is out there.

On hearing about her curiosity, the mother asks her to have some patience. She asks to wait until the summer to which Malu thinks is a big task. It is because summers are far away and she thinks it really is a test for her patience.

After that, her mother starts to teach Malu how to swim. Mother bear clasps her hand firmly and prepares her for the news. She says that in order to see what is beyond, Malu must learn how to swim.

Upon hearing this, Malu gets worried. She worries because she has never swum before and does not know anything about it. Her mother then assures her and asks her to follow what she is doing.

Now, Malu is left with no choice. She has to take the first step and she cannot escape it. Malu then tightly grips her mother’s hand and goes into the water with a splash. Once she gets in the water, she feels so fearless.

It proves that Malu is as brave as her mother. She then starts swimming with all her might. Malu does not care about anything else now, no fear or anything. She swims like a natural and her mother notices this.

In the end, Malu’s fearlessness makes her mother assured that she is a brave girl. Moreover, she also believes that Malu is not just brave but also very special.

Conclusion of Malu Bhalu

This poem narrates beautifully the relationship between parents and their children. It explores how we learn everything from our parents and then goes out in the world because of how they prepare us to face it.

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