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A Visit to Cambridge Summary Class 8 English

Summary of A Visit to Cambridge

The author of A Visit to Cambridge is Firdaus Kanga. He was a journalist and had traveled all over the world. He was also handicapped but he never let that become his disability in any way. Also, he was an inspiration to the people around him. In this story, the author shares one of his experiences in England. The author describes his visit to Cambridge University where he got a chance to interview Stephen Hawking.

Hawking told him that he found it funny when people patronized him. He also added that he was not left with any choice other than being brave and accept his condition. The author found Stephen Hawking to be one of the most beautiful men in the world. At the end of the interview, Hawking gave a bit of advice to the handicapped people to concentrate on what is good in them. They can thus surely succeed in life.

A Visit to Cambridge Summary in English

This chapter is an experience of the author in England. Cambridge University always had a great appeal for him. But, after an interview with Stephen Hawking, it became more appealing to him. During a walking tour there he met Stephen Hawking. Stephen William Hawking was an astrophysicist and was a disabled person. He was the successor of Isaac Newton’s chair in the Physics Department at Cambridge University. He was the author of the book, ‘A Brief History of Time’, the biggest best-seller of his times.

After the walking tour was over, he called at Steven Hawking’s house. His assistant answered the call. The author told him that he has come all the way from India and that he was in a wheelchair. He also indicated that he wished to write a book based on his travels in England and also his desire to meet Stephen Hawking. The assistant fixed the time from 3:30 to 4 for the meeting. The author was surprised to see that a machine was supporting his body. However, he composed himself to ask questions.

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On being asked about his courage, Hawking replied that he had no other option than to be brave and accept his situation. He said that he was amused to see that people patronize him. When the author asked him that did he feels annoyed when people like him disturb him. He replied yes with a smile. During the interview, Hawking appears to be the most beautiful man in the world to the author.

The author also questioned him that is it that due to the disability, Hawking is not able to see humility and kindness in the world. Hawking agreed to this with the author. The interview came to the end with a piece of advice for the disabled or handicapped people. He said that they need to focus on the good in them and not their disability. They should not become over-enthusiastic and should do only in which they are good. After this, Hawking went into his garden. The author felt that his journey is inspiring as well as successful.

Conclusion of A Visit to Cambridge

The physical handicap cannot be our limitation to achieve something great. It’s the ability of the mind that is more important. Thus, we shall focus on that.

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