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The Tiny Teacher Summary for Class 7

Summary of The Tiny Teacher

The tiny teacher is a story that teaches us about the tiniest teacher we can learn from. It tells us about the ant who can be a great teacher if we look closely. An ant is a creature that can teach us great things about how to become disciplined and more. They are so small yet they fulfill their duties with full dedication. In fact, they carry out their tasks very sincerely. Further, they are also very hard-working and intelligent as well. You will see them perform a lot of duties from a cleaner to a soldier. The ants inhabit an anthill where there are hundreds of little rooms and passage for all the ants. They have a queen ant who lays eggs that become perfect ants. The queen learns all the duties from the old ant and gets ready to survive in the world. Thus, they are creatures who teach us a lot of great things.

The Tiny Teacher in English

The story of the tiny teacher is about an ant’s life which is totally remarkable. It is the smallest yet the wisest creature we see in our daily lives. They live in comfortable homes that have hundreds of little rooms and passages. In some of the rooms, the queen ant lays eggs where the rest of the rooms are nurseries for young ants. The house of ants is free of quarrels as everyone carries out their duties peacefully.

We see how each ant has certain duties and they do it responsibly. Thus, they all lead peaceful lives. In fact, there are people whom we call ‘ant keepers’ that keep ants as their pets. They do so to document their daily behavior and observe them closely. Ants have feelers which they use to communicate or greet other ants. Although the red and black ones are the most common types of ants, there are various types of ants.

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The mother of the entire population of ants of a colony is the queen ant. The queen ant has got a pair of wings that it gets rid of after the wedding flight. Soon after, it lays eggs that go through the life cycle from grubs to cocoons and finally, perfect ants. So, we see how it takes around five to six weeks to complete this procedure.

The soldier ants guard eggs on becoming grubs. Similarly, the worker ants then carry the grubs for airing, exercise, and sunshine. The new ants take on the job of soldiers, builders, cleaners, and more. The small ants receive training for a few weeks before going out to work.

Thus, we see how they work in such a systematic manner. We can learn so many things from this tiny teacher. Whether it is hard work, sense of duty, care, discipline, or anything, they are great teachers. You will never watch ants fight with each other as they are very disciplined and loyal. Thus, they may be little but they are very significant creatures teaching a great deal to everyone.

Conclusion of The Tiny Teacher

As the title says, even though they are tiny, the ants are big teachers who teach us hard-work, duty, discipline, cleanliness, loyalty and more with their actions and lives they lead.

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