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Chandni Summary for Class 7

Summary of Chandni

The Chandni summary depicts the longing and desire for freedom. The lead character in this story is an old man whose name is Abbu Khan. Abbu Khan was living in the city of Almora. He was a man who kept goats as pets. Furthermore, Abbu Khan gave his goats funny names. His goats had a longing for freedom. However, their freedom caused their death as a wolf killed them. Consequently, Abbu Khan became very sad due to the death of his goats. Abbu Khan decided to bring a small goat so as to overcome his sadness. He decided to name this goat Chandni. A desire for freedom came in Chandni once she got older. However, Abbu Khan warned Chandni about the danger. In spite of this, Chandni ran away and became very happy. Ultimately, a wolf attacked her and killed her.

Chandni Summary in English

An old man by the name of Abbu Khan lived in Almora. Furthermore, he had a love for goats and had them as pets. Moreover, he gave safety to his goats and also gave funny names to them. At night, Abbu Khan took his goats for grazing.

Abbu Khan made available to his goats the best of grass and grains. In spite of this, the goats had a preference for escaping the hut. So, the goats left the hut and were killed by a wolf as a consequence.

Khan was a caring man and was unable to accept reality. Consequently, he became depressed that he was unable to prevent the killing of his goats. He resolved that he would no longer keep goats.

However, Abbu Khan became lonely and began missing his pets. Therefore, he bought a pretty young goat for himself. He came to the decision that her name would be Chandni due to its white colour which was like snow.

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As years went by, Abbu Khan became confident that Chandni would never leave him. However, Abbu Khan opinion was wrong because Chandni had a desire for freedom. She was mesmerized by the beauty of hills bathing in sunlight.

Chandni had a hatred for the rope she was tied to. Furthermore, she began to stop eating and became weaker in health. Abbu Khan became really sad when he understood that she wanted to leave.

Abbu Khan warned Chandni regarding the wolf. However, Chandni still had more desire to leave and said that her pair of horns would save her. Abbu became angry due to her argument and pushed her inside a small hut.

Every effort to convince her failed and she left the hut. Chandni felt very happy on seeing the hills. Furthermore, she felt as though the hills were welcoming her and she embraced her freedom.

The dusk was arriving and the darkness was spreading. Then she heard a sort of glinting noise. She became fearful of the presence of a wolf.

Chandni ran into confusion that whether she should fight or go back to Abbu Khan. The wolf then made its appearance before Chandni.  Ultimately, Chandni decided to act like a brave soldier and fight.

She came to the decision of fighting even though she was weaker in comparison to the mighty wolf. Chandni fought with all her strength and the fighting went on till dawn. Then the sound of morning prayer was coming from a nearby mosque.

It seems that Chandni was killed by the end of the fight. Most birds think that the mighty wolf won. However, according to a wise bird, Chandni was the winner.

Conclusion of Chandni

The Chandni summary is about the love for freedom and this freedom comes with a price.

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