Essay on Farmer Suicides in India for Students and Children

500 Words Essay on Farmer Suicides in India

Farmers are an important part of our country. After all, India is an agricultural country. We depend highly on our farmers. However, unfortunately, the case is that farmer suicides are a common issue in our country. Each year we see so many cases of these suicides due to a number of reasons. The government of India needs to take measures to prevent this issue. We need to save our farmers from this misery as they are the ones who feed us. Even the citizens must be aware of this issue and not pay them less so they suffer loss.

essay on farmer suicides in india

Reasons for Farmer Suicides in India

There are a lot of reasons as to why farmer suicides happen in our country. All these reasons come together to make this worrying issue prevalent. One of the main reasons is droughts. When the crops do not get sufficient rainfall they do not yield much produce. This, in turn, poses as a great loss to the farmers as their money gets wasted and they go in debt. Areas that have frequent droughts have higher cases of farmer suicides.

Similarly, floods are also as dangerous as droughts. The crops of the farmers erode away and they do not get any product from those crops. Furthermore, the high debt which the farmers have to pay for the land is another major factor.

As they take heavy loans for growing crops and fail to do so, they kill themselves as they do not have money to pay their debt back. In addition, family pressure is too high for farmers. They fail to make ends meet and thus commit suicide because of this failure.

Moreover, capitalization is a very big reason for farmer suicides. Nowadays, people most favor privatization and capitalization. These big firms capitalize on the crops and sell them using marketing strategies.

People do not prefer going to a farmer’s market but rather to a supermarket or mall for their vegetables and food. This causes a loss to these farmers moreover these capitalist agencies buy the farmer’s produce at lower rates and they go in loss.

How to Prevent Farmer Suicides in India?

The government must take measures to tackle this issue at the earliest. It must set up exclusive agricultural zones that allow specifically agricultural activities. Moreover, there must be certain programs that teach farmers about modern techniques related to farming. It will help in enhancing the production of crops.

Furthermore, the irrigation facilities for the crops must be enhanced. In addition, there must also be genuine crop insurance policies that cover the loss of these farmers so they don’t go into debt.

Moreover, the government must also ensure they learn new skills which will help them get some additional income into the family. This way, they won’t be solely dependent on their crops and will have a backup with them.

Most importantly, the weather risk management system must be introduced. This way the farmers can be told beforehand about the upcoming extreme weather conditions. This will help them become cautious and also minimize the loss to a great extent.

FAQs on Farmer Suicides in India

Q.1 What are the reasons for farmer suicides in India?

A.1 There are a lot of reasons for farmer suicides in our country. Natural calamities like droughts and floods are a major reason. Similarly, capitalization and privatization are other factors. Moreover, high debts and family pressure also contribute to this issue.

Q.2 How can we prevent farmer suicides?

A.2 Farmer’s suicides can be prevented by collective effort. The government must teach modern techniques to farmers. Furthermore, they must be given proper irrigation facilities. It should also launch genuine crop insurance policies to cover their losses.

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