Essay on Role of Judiciary in the Country for Students and Children

500 Words Essay on Role of Judiciary in the Country Today

Any judiciary is an integral part of a country, especially democracy. As India is the largest democracy, we have a big judiciary which makes sure it safeguards the interests of its citizens. Similarly, our Supreme Court is at the top of our judiciary system. It is then followed by our high courts which operate at the state level. Further, there are district courts operating at the district level. There are also many more courts below this order. A judiciary has many roles to play.

essay on role of judiciary in the country today


Role of Judiciary in India

As a judiciary is independent of the executive, it can easily safeguard the rights of the citizen to ensure peace and harmony. However, its role is not just limited to this. It plays different roles to make sure there is smooth functioning in the country.

Firstly, it plays a great role in making new laws. Judiciary is the rightful interpreter of our constitution as well as the current laws. It has the power to create new laws as well as overrule policies that might violate our constitution.

Furthermore, the judiciary also prevents any form of violation of the law. Similarly, it files a lawsuit against the person found guilty of doing the same. After that, a judge passes his verdict after listening to both parties closely and announces the judgment accordingly.

Moreover, it also acts as an advisory body. It happens more than often that the executive or legislature seeks help from the judiciary to clarify issues regarding the constitution.

Moreover, the judiciary decides upon the constitutional questions. For instance, if there is a dispute between states, they are brought to the Supreme Court where it decides how to interpret the constitution on the basis of the on-going dispute. In addition, it also looks after the administrating bit. Like it is responsible for appointing officers, maintaining records, administrating staff and more.

Most importantly, the judiciary is the protector of fundamental rights of the citizens. Everyone has the right to fundamental rights; however, sometimes people try to take them away. Thus, the judiciary ensures no such thing happens and lets every citizen live with harmony.

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Importance in Today’s Scenario

A judiciary is very crucial in upholding a democracy like ours. As we all know, cases of injustice against people have risen nowadays. There is unjust discrimination happening and the judiciary must step in to stop all this.

Therefore, it becomes important more than ever to help people feel safe within their own country and homes. Judiciary checks and balances the ones who have power. This helps in preventing people from misusing that power.

In short, in today’s scenario of our country where crimes are happening rapidly, people turn to the judiciary for justice. Thus, we see how it is so very important that judiciary remains just and empowered in the times of darkness. Sometimes, it remains the single ray of hope for people, which is why it is needed more than ever now.

FAQs on Role of Judiciary in the Country Today

Q.1 What is the role of the judiciary in the country today?

A.1 The judiciary plays a major role in a democracy. It safeguards the fundamental rights of the people. Further, it makes new laws and ensures to punish anyone violating these laws. It also administers and appoints officers.

Q.2 Why is the judiciary important in the country today?

A.2 The judiciary is more important than ever now because injustice against people has risen to a great extent in our country. We need it to monitor the people and punish them for their crimes so everyone feels safe and included.

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