Essay on Winter Vacation for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay on Winter Vacation

Winter vacation is a time to relax and celebrate the time in the company of your family and friends. Usually, winter vacations comes right after the second term exams are over. Thus, it helps in providing much-needed respite to students after a month of rigorous hard work. Students usually await the winter vacations as it indulges them a lot of fun stuff during the break. The essay on a winter vacation is an insight into the minds of students activities during the break. 

essay on winter vacation

Winter vacations usually consist of 15 days and include 2 important festivals which are Christmas and New year. So, the holiday season is full of festival flavors. Thus, many students look forward to Christmas as their parent brings gift flr them. Also, the entire home is illuminated with lights and other decorations. Additionally, people also shop for stars, small bells, candies, and reindeers to put it the Christmas and decorate it. 

Also, kids look forward to the cake and sweets that are prepared by their mother on Christmas. Many families celebrate the festival by having a family dinner and thus the vibe around the festival is great. The new year is also special for kids as they either invite or are invited to some relatives or friends place. Thus, it is time to meet family, friends, and relatives. 

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A Family Trip 

Many families plan a trip to some nearby place during these holidays. Also, people usually look for places that have white snowfall on these kinda trips. This trip is usually short as the winter break is very small in comparison to the summer breaks. Also, the places during this time are very crowded, so many people prefer to book tickets in advance. The father of the house usually plans around for this trip well in advance. Thus, hotel booking and list for sightseeing is booked well in advance. 

The family trip in the holidays is a joy for everyone. As the holidays are short, it gives very less time for everyone to go to a far place. Thus, families always prefer a nearby place where they can enjoy and relax. Also, the rush during this time at tourist places makes it impossible for the families to try a different location. 

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A Strict Routine

Although it is a time of holiday and mood is relaxing, it is important to not skip studying during this time period. Thus, mothers make sure that they prepare a schedule where a kid can make most of its time. Also, the kids do not lose sight of his/her final exam. 

Winter vacations are there for everyone to enjoy and cherish some wonderful memories for a lifetime. Also, this should not come at the cost of studies for the kids. 

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