Importance of Newspaper Essay for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay on Importance of Newspaper

Newspaper is quite a powerful tool that circulates information to people. It is one of the greatest means of communication between people and the world. In addition, they are also a great medium of knowledge. We get our daily dose of news from newspapers early in the morning. It is quite a reliable source which gives us information only after thoroughly investigating the information.

Importance of Newspaper Essay

Newspapers are easily available in the most remote regions as well. They are also very economical which gives an abundance of information at really low cost. Most importantly, newspapers are published in various languages that make it easier for people of all regions to get news in their local language. Thus, we see how newspapers have numerous advantages that help the common man stay informed of the worldly issues.

Significance of Newspaper

The newspaper has created a positive impact on society. It helps people become aware of current affairs and stay curious about them. When the public will question, it means they are aware. This is exactly what a newspaper does. It is also the finest link you can find between the government and its people. Newspapers provide people with every detail no matter how small.

Furthermore, it helps us become informed citizens. Whenever there are any changes in the rules and regulations of the country, newspapers make us aware of them. Moreover, they are very informative for students. A student can learn all about general knowledge and current affairs from here. We stay updated with the technological advancements, government policies, research studies and more.

Other than that, newspapers also have incredible articles that tackle social issues, cultures, arts, and more. It conveys the public opinion to the people on important issues. This will, in turn, help people review the government and ministers well. Similarly, people get great employment opportunities from newspapers. Those seeking jobs look through newspapers to get reliable job opportunities.

In short, the newspaper carries a lot of significance for humans. If we read the newspaper daily, it can develop our reading habit and make us more fluent. It also has mind-brain exercise games like puzzles, Sudoku and more to sharpen people’s brains. Furthermore, you can also go through the comic strips and cartoons to keep yourself entertained.

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A World Without Newspapers

As the world is advancing rapidly, everything is becoming digital. From our shopping to news, we can easily do it on our smartphones or computers. This digitization has also affected the newspaper scenario. As people are getting instant updates on their phones about the latest news, the sales of newspapers have gone down massively.

Does this mean the digital era will wipe out the newspapers? Looking at the present scenario, this possibility might soon become a reality. However, are we ready to have a world without newspapers? A world without newspapers is like having a home without mirrors. This means we won’t be able to see our own reflection.

Now, compare this situation to that of the world and newspaper. Imagine the world has lost its national mirror, resulting in you not being able to get an honest reflection of what is happening around. What’s even worse is the fact that instead of the national mirror we are getting a fun-house mirror which is distorting the information and making you see what’s not real.

In short, the world will become a free rein for politicians to propagate their advertising and agendas to the public. The information won’t be reliable and won’t even be scrutinized. We won’t have any journalists to decipher the PR spin of the governments and corporate firms robbing the common man of their money.

FAQs on Newspaper

Q.1 What is the significance of the newspaper?

A.1 Newspapers are very important in giving us information about the world. They make us aware and increase our knowledge about current affairs. They also give us job opportunities.

Q.2 Why are newspaper sales declining?

A.2 As the world is becoming more digital, people are getting news on their phones and computers instantly. Thus, they are opting for digital news over newspapers.

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