Leadership and Management

Measures for Developing Leadership ability of Managers

In organizations, managers at the various level are allotted the roles of leadership in relation to their subordinates. This is done to get the right things done in a proper manner and achieve a set of goals. So, for the survival and success of the organizations, the effectiveness of its leaders and managers is very critical. Thus, a lot of weight is given on leadership effectiveness in business enterprises. Learn leadership skills here. 

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills

       Measures for Developing Leadership Ability of Managers

There are three views that determine the fact that it is leadership effectiveness. One of those views is that leadership effectiveness depends on how leaders behave and what they do. The second view is that it is a function of personal traits or qualities of the individual that accepts the role of leadership.

The third view is that leadership effectiveness is a function of blending three variables. They are the task situations, the leader, and the group of followers. This is also termed as a contingency or situational approach to leadership.

It is possible and necessary for managers to improve and develop their leadership abilities. This is necessary because managers are required to get the things done through their subordinates.

Also, there are no inborn or genetic leadership abilities. These abilities are learned and acquired by other means like training. There are different methods develop the leadership ability of a manager. 

Learn Leadership Styles here.

Internal Organizational Exposure

One of the measures that help in developing the ability of managers is through the exposure they get within the organization. This is done in critical situations which require calling for the application of leadership qualities.

Thus, managers are put in- charge of various committees with the task of coordination, project implementation, and control. Also, managers may be out in a situation that concerns the problems of people.

For example, how can you resolve internal conflict, how to improve the morale of a working group, how to increase a sense of involvement of work groups in the organization, etc?

Leadership Training

Another measure to develop the ability of managers is through training programs. Training programs that are offered to managers expose them to several leadership scenarios and teach them how to tackle it. Here the situations will be partly simulated and partly real.

Furthermore, the trainers create the situation in which the managers that are undergoing the training are able to understand the problem. Also, they will be able to think of different ways and means of tackling which involves testing of different styles of leadership against reality.

This training gives experiences and insights for managers on appropriate behavior and attitude which they need to adapt to tackle various situations. Also, the managers that undergo training should be given immediate feedback on their performance.

Accountability and Autonomy

Managers will be able to sharpen their leadership skills when given relative freedom. They should be allowed to enjoy a huge amount of freedom to establish their own methods of tackling situations that require critical leadership skills.

Also, at the same time, they should have required support from the organization in the form of status, authority, and so on. Also, they should be provided with adequate discretion. Along with this, they should have rewards and punishment, all within the norms and rules of the organization.

Practice Question on Leadership skills

Q. Which of the following is not a key derivation in reinforcement theory?

A. Negative reinforcement

B. Extinction

C. Positive reinforcement

D. Self-actualization

Answer: C. Positive reinforcement

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