Leadership and Management

Characteristics Of Leadership and Qualities Of A Good Leader

Leadership refers to the ability of managers to bind the group together for motivating them towards a common goal. Today we are going to discuss the basic attributes of leadership as well as the leadership qualities which can set a manager apart from his peers.

leadership qualities

                         Characteristics Of Leadership and Qualities Of A Good Leader

Characteristics Of Leadership

  • Leadership assumes the existence of a group of followers as leadership cannot be exercised without the same.
  • The style of leadership varies between different circumstances and the end goal.
  • It refers to a personal quality which can be perfected with practice and experience.
  • Leadership arises while trying to achieve a common goal with various subordinates helping out in the process.
  • It influences the behavior, beliefs, and attitude of employees.

Leadership Qualities Shaping The Path Of Success

All leaders need to possess the exemplary qualities listed out below which can assist him in leading his subordinates in the right direction.

Honesty and Integrity

A leader simply cannot expect honesty out of his subordinates if he doesn’t follow the same path. For doing this, leaders need to stick to their core beliefs and follow an ethical path while dealing with employees.


This is an extremely important leadership quality as the manager often needs to exercise scientific thinking while analyzing a particular situation. In spite of possessing the same level of knowledge as that of his subordinates, a leader is expected to show greater intelligence while taking decisions.

For this, he might be required to interpret various problems faced in a clear and accurate manner before searching out a viable solution.

Physical Stamina

Apart from having a charming personality, the leader should also have a high level of physical agility. He is always expected to be on his toes while dealing with daily affairs in a dynamic manner. This leadership quality will reap good results once the manager acts like a member of the group and steers his subordinates towards the ultimate goals.


This leadership quality can help managers in gaining the respect of subordinates and boosting up their morale. For achieving this, the leader needs to have conceptual knowledge on the subject matter which in turn can assist him in making better decisions.


Most managers abide by a dictatorial style of leadership thus neglecting empathy in its entirety. This is why they fail to establish a close connection with the employees. Empathy is an ideal leadership quality which instigates the manager to understand the problems faced by his subordinates.

Communication Skills

A leader needs to clearly communicate his vision to the entire team. He should also share the strategy he wishes to adopt for achieving a particular goal. Words hold the power to spread confidence and motivation amongst subordinates and a leader needs to exercise this opportunity to the fullest.


A leader needs to exercise open-mindedness in his operation by absorbing new ideas whenever required. He should also be ready to alter his decision after considering the validity of points presented by his subordinates.

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 Questions on Qualities Of A Good Leader

  1. Management is a part of leadership – False.
  2. Leaders should take responsibility for the consequences – True.
  3. All styles of leadership are the same irrespective of the end goal – False.
  4. Leadership can sustain even in the absence of followers – False.
  5. The process of leadership is continuous in nature – True.
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