Leadership and Management

Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership Effectiveness is the key analyst of organizational success or failure while examining the factors that lead to organizational success.

Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership Effectiveness

Also, Leadership Effectiveness refers to the capabilities of an effective leader.

  • To lead a team you need to understand leadership effectiveness and for this, it is necessary to learn to understand, to be understood later, if we want to change a situation, we must change ourselves, to be able to change effectively, we must first change our perceptions.
  • To relate effectively with other people, we must learn to listen. And this requires emotional control. Listening requires having highly developed qualities of character such as patience, being open to change and criticism and wanting to understand.
  • It is important and effective to act from a low emotional level, give advice and direct at high levels.

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1. Personality

Successful leaders have a pleasing personality. Personality is the sum of physical, mental, and social qualities. Personality is the only characteristic of a good leader to influence the subordinates.

2. Human Skills

The human skills refer to interpersonal skills. The leader must understand the feelings, emotions, and expectations of the subordinates. Such knowledge would enable the leader to develop interpersonal relationships with the subordinates, which are vital in any organization.

3. Communication Skills

Effective leaders are good communicators. Effective communication in three critical areas is the key to win trust and confidence of the subordinates:

  • Enabling employees to understand the company’s overall business strategy.
  • Informing the employees and sharing information with them.

4. Administrative Skills

Leadership should be administered as required to undertake management functions such as planning, organizing, directing and controlling.

5. Decision Making

Leadership Effectiveness helps leaders in effective decision making. There is a need to identify the problems. Accordingly, alternation solutions must be listed. After analyzing the cost-benefit of every alternative solution, the leaders need to select the best solution to solve the problem.

6. Conceptual

Leadership should be conceptual as it helps to visualize and analyze problems or situations. A top-level leader considers a long term perspective. They need to handle difficult or complex situations.

7. Innovations

Leadership should bring in innovation in an organization. Innovation should be creative. Therefore the leader should have the imagination to develop new ideas or new was to handle the activities or situations. A good subordinate expects the leader to be innovative.

8. Initiative

The quality of leadership should be initiated, as the leader should be initiated. Effective leadership can take place only when the leader is at the position to do the right things at the right time without being reminded.

The decision should be taken without causing delay and inconvenience to others. Therefore, the leader should initiate the subordinates as well.

9. Intelligence

An intelligent leader is efficient enough to make decisions and to deal with people. There is a need to have intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence. This would enable ineffective leadership of taking the right decisions not only in the interest of the organization but also in the interest of employees.

10. Ethics and Values

Leadership effectiveness also involves ethics and values. There shouldn’t be any kind of cheating or manipulation. It is important to have honesty, integrity, compassion, and courage among the leaders.

11. Respect and Trust

People are naturally drawn to leaders whom they trust and respect. Fear and control based leadership could get some followers in the short-term, but such coercive leaders will not earn the loyalty of subordinates. To build a loyal team, a leader must be trustworthy.

12. Delegation

One cannot do everything. The leader needs to delegate tasks effectively.  The leader needs to know each member’s strengths and weaknesses and delegate responsibilities accordingly. This would make the team members feel appreciated and recognized.

13. Appreciation

A leader should value each team member and makes each member feel valued. Each member of the team feels their role is important and appreciated. Praise in public and criticize in private.

14. Handling Success and Failures

It is very important that a great leader should know how to handle each success and failure. Celebrate the successes. At the same time, the leader should learn from the failures. Remember- whenever there is a success; attribute it to the entire team. When the team faces a failure, accept responsibility for the failure.

 Questions on Leadership Effectiveness

  1. ————————– is the key to winning the trust and confidence of the subordinates.
  1. Administrative Skills
  2. Effective Communication
  3. Human Skills

Answer:  Answer is (b), as Effective communication with subordinates and team members helps to win their trust.

2. ———————— of work is required to lower the burden of leaders and give tasks to subordinates.

  1. Innovation
  2. Intelligence
  3. Delegation

Answer:  Answer is (c), Delegation i.e. dividing work among subordinates. It helps to lower the burden of the leader as all cannot be done by one person. This also leads to knowing the efficiency of employees in an organization.

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