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Importance of Motivation

The word ‘motivation’ itself comes from the word ‘motive’. Motive essentially means the needs and desires of a person. The motivation of the employees is a deciding factor in their efficiency and the performance of the firm on a whole. Let us look at the importance of motivation in more detail.

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Importance of Motivation

Motivation is one of the most important aspects of management. A well-motivated employee is a true asset to the firm. It is the function of the manager to properly motivate his employees and subordinates.

There are many advantages to having high motivation levels in the firm. These advantages contribute to the importance of motivation in a firm. Let us take a look.

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Advantages of Employee Motivation

  • High Efficiency
  • Utilization of Resources
  • Reduction in Labor Turnover
  • Readiness for Change
  • Achieving Organizational Goals
  • Helps with Attitude of Employees

Importance of motivation

1] High Efficiency

One way the management of the firm can boost the efficiency and performance of their employees is to use motivation as a tool.

Motivation helps transform the employee’s talents and knowledge into actual performance and activity. Demotivated employees affect the overall efficiency of the firm and also can cause other employees to be demotivated.

2] Utilization of Resources

Motivation helps stimulate employees.

Thus they make the best possible choices, and so the best utilization of the factors of production and other resources. Motivated employees try to minimize their wastages and costs to better their performances.

This will help with the firm maximize their potential and make the best use of their limited resources.

3] Reduction in Labor Turnover

This is an important aspect of the importance of motivation. Higher motivation also means better job performances which lead to job satisfaction among employees. And so the employees do not want to miss out on opportunities and seek to do more and better work.

This will lead to commitment and loyalty among employees which leads to lower absenteeism and labor turnover among employees.

Learn more about Motivating Employees here in detail.

4] Readiness for Change

Every organization functions in a very dynamic business environment. And with the changes in the environment, the organization also must change to adapt and keep up with times.

When such technological, environmental etc changes occur in the organization sometimes employees are hesitant to accept and adapt to such changes.

But motivated employees are more likely to adapt to these changes. They are generally more ready to accept the changes and get to work.

5] Achieving Organizational Goals

The best way to motivate employees is to line up their personal goals with those of the organization. The motivated then work tirelessly to achieve not only their personal goals but also the goals of the company. Demotivated employees will not be overly enthusiastic about achieving organizational goals.

6] Helps with Attitude of Employees

Sometimes certain employees of an organization have a negative or indifferent attitude. But the manager can use the tools of motivation to change their attitudes. A positive, optimistic employee who is properly motivated is an asset to the organization. And motivation is the key to this change.

 Questions on Importance of Motivation

Q: Motivation is a psychological concept. True or False?

Ans: This statement is True. Motivation is based on human needs and wants. Such feelings of needs influence the behavior and actions of a person. So motivation is indeed a psychological concept.

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  1. ayan says:

    Motivation is required in every case of life. Without motivation, we can not do any work properly. Education, career, business, goals are the need of motivation in each case. As a result, we can move on to success.
    I got the answers to all my questions after reading your content. Thanks a lot for sharing this content.

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