Difficulties in Delegation

A delegation of work and authority is one of the most important functions of a manager in an organization. It is said a good manager is one that delegates well. However, there can be some difficulties in delegation that both the manager and the subordinates will face. Let us take a look.

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Difficulties in Delegation

Difficulties in Delegation


Some of these difficulties in delegation arise on the part of the delegator, i.e. the manager who delegates the responsibilities and the authority.

They are often either reluctant to delegate the work or the authority. Let us see some of the reasons for such non-delegation on their part,

  • Certain managers are autocrats. So they are very attached to their own authority and pull in the organization. They are fearful that delegating any of their authority will result in a loss of their influence and power in the company. Instead, they prefer when the subordinates have to come to them for approval at all times. It suites their autocratic leadership style. This is one of the difficulties in the delegation.
  • Then there are managers who do not trust or believe anyone when it comes to their work. They think no one will be able to accomplish the task well enough. And they do not trust the competence of their own subordinates. So they have difficulties in a delegation of responsibilities.
  • Some managers try to hide their own incompetence. He keeps all the authority for himself to avoid exposing his lack of knowledge and talent. The reason for no-delegation is so that the subordinates do not outshine him and show him up at the company.
  • Also, managers usually do not want to accept the risk of their subordinates making any mistakes. Because ultimately they are answerable to their superiors. So they do not delegate the authority to the subordinates for any independent decision making.
  • The manager may lack the confidence in his team members and thus avoids delegating any authority.
  • If the manager is not able to guide and direct his employees well, he will not delegate authority. It is his fault since he is not well-versed with the function of direction.

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Non-Acceptance of Delegation

Another type of difficulties in delegation is if the subordinates do not accept such delegation. This means that they are not able or wanting to accept the responsibilities and the authority being delegated to them. Some of the reasons for this can be as follows,

  • There is a lack of self-confidence in some subordinates. This prevents them from taking up the authority delegated to them.
  • Another of the difficulties in delegation is that some subordinates are not willing to take up the responsibilities or authority because they are complacent. They do not want to do extra work.
  • They can also be scared or afraid of making mistakes which could draw attention to them. So they do not take up the delegated authority.
  • The subordinates can also be over-worked and are avoiding more burden of work
  • If they feel they are not well compensated or are not offered enough incentive for their work, they will be unwilling to take up the work and the authority.
  • If the subbordinates are not provided with favourable working environment he is not likly to participate in delegation

Solved Question for You

Q: Subordinates may avoid delegated work due to the fact that ____ is not available

  1. work
  2. authority
  3. resources
  4. none of the above

Ans: The correct option is C. If the subordinates feel that resources to complete the task will not be easily available, they avoid the delegated work.

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