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Defense is a major part of any country. Thus, every country tries and devotes half of its budget in defense. So, there are joint military exercises happening which benefits both the participating nations. Thus, in this article, we will discuss some of the important joint exercises in India like Indra and Maitree. Also, these exercises are important from learning as well as the strategic point of view for both the nations.

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Military Exercises in Defense


A military exercise is when the army uses its resources for exploring and training purposes. Also, in terms of its military strength, India is the 4th strongest country in the world.

Thus, it becomes important for India to maintain this position and keep it strong.

Also, there should be coordination between three military forces of India which are Army, navy, and air force. Also, from the exam point of view, these exercises are very important.

So, we have divided these exercises into two parts as given below. Thus, it will be easier for you to understand.

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Important Military Exercises

Name of the exercise Participating countries Location of the exercise Purpose of this exercise
Dharma Guardian I Japan and India Vairengte, India This is for aiming and developing a mutual understanding between the two armies
Milex BIMSTEC Aundh Military Station, India The theme is to counter terrorism in rural and semi-urban areas. The aim is to promote the strategic alignment between the member countries to fight the threat of terrorism
Indra X Russia and India Babina Military Station, India The aim of this exercise is to understand the interoperability, and exchange of ideas between the two armies
SCO Peace Mission India and SCO Chelyabinsk, Russia The aim of this is to train in Jungle warfare, disaster response activities, and anti-terrorism combat
Surya Kiran XIII Nepal and India Pithoragarh, India This exercise is also aimed for disaster response activities, jungle warfare, and anti-terrorism combat
Maitree Thailand and India Chachoengsao, Thailand Also, the aim of this exercise is to train in jungle conditions

Other Important Exercises

Lamitye VIII Seychelles and India Mahe, Seychelles To conduct the counter-terrorist operations and counter-insurgency is the main aim of this exercise.
Shakti IV France and India Mailly-le-camp, France This joint training focuses highly on tactical drills, physical fitness, procedure, and techniques.
Ekuverin VIII Maldives and India Belgaum, India The main focus of this joint exercise is to acquaint both the armies with their operating procedure if in case of counterterrorism and counterinsurgency
 Hamesha Vijayee Southern Command Rajasthan This exercise aims at fine-tuning the surveillance and various destructive mechanisms in order to support the strikes and maneuvers the enabling forces
Danx 50 parachute brigade Andaman and Nicobar islands The primary objective of this exercise is to validate and practice the drills and procedures of all the commanding forces thereby defending the islands
IMBAX I Myanmar Shillong This will help in assisting the strong bonds of cooperation and friendship
Ajeya warrior UK and India Mahajan firing range, India The main aim is to promote and build the bilateral relationship and thereby enhance the interoperability
Prabal Dostyk Kazakhstan and the Indian army Himachal Pradesh This is the 2nd joint exercise between the two nations. It is aimed at enhancing the military relations between the two nations
Mitra Shakti Sri Lanka and the Indian army Pune It is based on infantry of both the countries and on the counter-terrorist operations
Indra Russian and Indian armed forces Sea of Japan near Vladivostok This is the first ever tri-services exercise between Russian and Indian armed forces
Sampriti VII Bangladesh and India Shillong This aims at enhancing the interoperability between the two nations. It also helps in enriching their experiences while performing counter terrorism and counterinsurgency

Practice Questions

Q. Between which two nations are Shakti exercise held?

A. Myanmar and India

B. Bangladesh and India

C. France and India

D. The UK and India

Answer: C. France and India

Q. Prabal Dostyk joint military exam is held between ____

A. Russia and India

B. Kazhakstan and India

C. Japan and India

D. Sri Lanka and India

Answer: B. Kazhakstan and India

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