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It is very important for any nation to maintain its diplomatic relations with the other nations. This diplomacy can help the nation in times of war. Furthermore, this diplomacy also helps the two nation in maintaining their peaceful relations. So, to maintain this diplomacy, summits and conferences are organized between the nations. Summits and conferences need not be only between international bodies. This can also happen inter-state or where only one nation and its distinguished members participate.

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Important Summits in India


There are many important summits happening within India or where India participate. These summits help build relations with other nations.

Thus, we have prepared a table where all the important summits are covered. Furthermore, this table contains the theme of the summit and the name of the person who organizes it.

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Name of the summit  Organized by/theme of the summit Location of the summit
ASEAN – India connectivity summit Physical linkages and power digital for Asia New Delhi
International Conference on Ground Water Groundwater vision for 2030, water challenges, security, and adapting the climate change New Delhi
International Arogya Shripad Yesso Naik New Delhi
SAICON Col Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore New Delhi
3 rd Annual meeting of the Board of Governors for Asian
Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
Mobilization of finance for collaboration and innovation of infrastructure New Delhi
1 st International Conference on Sports sciences and medicines Ministry of youth affairs and sports New Delhi
Global Summit on Wellness and AYUSH AYUSH ministry New Delhi
Indian economic association President of India – Ram Nath Kovind Guntur, AP
Indian Science Congress Prime Minister of India Manipur
International Conference on Climate Change The Indian delegation led by V K Saraswat Kathmandu, Nepal
Ministerial Conference of WTO Suresh Prabhu leading the Indian delegation, Ministry of Industry and Commerce Buenos Aires, Argentina
UNESCO World Conference on Culture and Tourism NA The government of Oman MUSCAT
International summit for solar alliance President of France – Emmanuel Macron, ISA jointly hosted by France and India New Delhi
World Government Summit NA Dubai, UAE

Other Important Summits

Name of the summit Organized by/theme of the summit Location of the summit
Global Digital and Health Partnership Summit Health ministry Australia
Indian medical device and pharma conference Ministry of fertilizers and chemical, Ananth Kumar Bengaluru
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association conference Speaker of Lok Sabha Patna
Commonwealth Education Ministers conference Theme: Resilience and Sustainability Fiji
ASEAN- Indian Ministerial meeting on Forestry and Agriculture Family and Agriculture ministry, Radha Mohan Singh New Delhi
Advanced Bio-Fuels conference Organized by India and EU, Inauguration was done by Dharmendra Pradhan, minister of petroleum New Delhi
Asia-Pacific regional conference for chief of police of international association Rajnath Singh, Union minister of India New Delhi
The global forum for agriculture and food The theme was shaping the future efficiently, responsibly, and sustainably of the livestock Berlin, Germany
The international forum for solar alliance World future energy summit Abu Dhabi, UAE
Agribusiness consortium for small farmers Chaired by the minister of family welfare and agriculture New Delhi
World economic forum annual meeting Creating a shared future among the fractured world Davos, Switzerland
Shared value summit for equity and environment Suresh Prabhu, minister of industry and commerce New Delhi
Bodhi Parva, Buddhist heritage festival BIMSTEC Mahesh Sharma, Minister of culture for state New Delhi
Bio-design program’s annual Medtech summit Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Minister of technology and science New Delhi
Annual general meeting for FICCI Prime Minister of India New Delhi
Australia-Japan-India trilateral dialogue Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, Foreign Secretary New Delhi
World conference on Vedas Venkaiah Naidu, Vice president of India New Delhi

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Practice Questions

Q. The Indian economic assistant summit was held in which state?

A. Andhra Pradesh

B. Maharashtra

C. West Bengal

D. Tamil Nadu

Answer: A. Andhra Pradesh

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