Ancient Indian History

The Gupta Empire, North, Deccan and South India

Gupta Empire was strong and long ruled empire of northern Indian. Chola, Chera, Rashtrakuta and Hoysala were the peek dynasties of southern India. Gupta empire witness some of the great changes in human civilization. Know more about Gupta empire and southern empires explore the article further!

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Gupta Empire

“Golden age” in Indian history is referred to Gupta empire. These era witnesses the great advancements made by historical academics scholars such as Kalidasa, Aryabhata, Varahamihra, Vishnu Sharma and Vatsyayana. This dynasty ruled for 500 years over the most northern parts of India.

Gupta empire has lead India on the path of flourished and efficient India. Scholars like Aryabhata and Varahamihra came up with the concept of zero and hence due to these achievements, this era was the “Golden Era”. From the early 4th century to the 6th-century rule of Gupta dynasty was there.

Buddhism and Jainism were spreading across the empire. During this era scholar’s inventions and theories were one of the features of Gupta empire to flourish and as a result, the great invention of chess, rotation of the earth, the concept of Rahu and Ketu and medical surgeries were practised in India. Therefore, this period is “Golden Era”

Gupta Empire

Deccan And Southern India

Dynasties like Satavahana, Chalukya, Chole, Pallava, Rashktrakuta, Kakatiya and Hoysala were ruling southern Indian parts for thousands of years. Therefore, the rise of Southern empires was evident from fall of Iron age. Since southern dynasties rule most part of the southern parts of India, therefore the protested against the Mughal expansion which was invading southern India.

Geographically speaking there were two main dynasties which were ruling the Southern and Deccan part of India. In particular, these dynasties were not only Chalukya but also Pallava as well.

  • Chalukya empire was ruling southern India from 543 CE to  757 CE, that is eventually for 2 centuries. Therefore was the superpower in the southern regions of India. Art and culture flourished in Chalukya dynasty. This empire was spread across the banks of river Kaveri.
  • Pallava dynasty was ruling southern India from 600 CE to 668 CE. The architecture was at its best in this dynasty. Worshipping of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva was spreading across the empire. Present Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh is Pallava empire.

Gupta empire

Question For You

Q1. Expansion of agricultural land took place on the largest scale in which period?

  1. Pre-Mauryan Age
  2. Mauryan Age
  3. Post-Mauryan Age
  4. Gupta Age

Answer: The correct answer is the option ”d”. Expansion of agricultural land took place on the largest scale in Gupta Age.

Q2. Which ruler suffered defeat at the hands of Samudragupta?

  1. Pravarasena
  2. Prithvisena
  3. Rudradev
  4. Damodarsena

Answer: The correct answer is option ”c”. Rudradeva suffered defeat at the hands of Samudragupta. After the death of Hameer Dev, Rudra Dev became the king. He was a brave person and established peace in his state. He was married to the daughter of a neighbouring state and got that state in dowry. Rudradeva also declared Rudri as his capital of the state and got the temple of Lord Shiva constructed on the bank of Mahanadi. This temple is famous by the name of Rudreshwar.

Q3Which one of the following was the official language of Gupta period?

  1. Pali
  2. Magadhi
  3. Prakrit
  4. Sanskrit

Answer: The correct answer is the option ”d”. Sanskrit was the official language of Gupta period.

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