Basic Geometrical Ideas

Aren’t video games just amazing? They’re so much fun to play, they seem so real especially because of depth, and movement in them. But how is this created? What helps videos games in helping viewers like you experience depth and movement? Well, the simple answer to this is ‘geometry’. These games use geometry to help viewers experience depth and movement. Geometry allows us in determining how the shapes and figures fit together to maximize efficiency and visual appeal. So, let us get acquainted with geometry basics ideas.

FAQs on Basic Geometrical Ideas

Question 1: What is meant by the term congruent?

Answer: The adjective congruent means that two shapes are of the same in size and shape. If the two congruent triangles are laid on each other, then they would match up exactly. Congruent comes from the Latin verb congruere which means “to come together. Figuratively, the word congruent describes something that has similarity in type or character

Question 2: What is meant by a perpendicular line?

Answer: The property of perpendicular refers to the relationship between two lines whose meeting takes place at 90 degrees.  A line shall be perpendicular to another line when the intersection of the two lines happens at a right angle.

Question 3: Explain what is a ray in geometry?

Answer: In geometry, a ray refers to a line that has a single point of origin or endpoint that extends infinitely in one particular direction. An example of a ray is a ray of the sun in space. In this example, the sun is the endpoint while the light ray continues on indefinitely.

Question 4: Name the five types of angles?

Answer: The five types of angles are straight, reflex, acute, obtuse, and right.

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