Basic Geometrical Ideas

How to Calculate Height, Width & Square Feet?

Introduction to Calculating Height in Feet, Width & Square Feet

Geometry is a subject that involves questions of shape, size, properties of space, and relative position of figures. The fundamentals of geometry involve various types of calculations. For example, calculating height in feet is one such calculation.

The fundamentals of geometry certainly involve the most important parts of geometry. Let us explore more about the fundamentals of geometry height, width & square feet.

height in feet

How to Calculate Height in Feet?

Height refers to the measure of vertical distance. Height can be a vertical extent which tells how tall something or someone is. Also, height can be regarding the vertical position which tells how high a point is.

Examples can be, the height of a building is 100m or the height of an aeroplane is 10000m. Calculation of height in feet is a very common way of measuring height. However, there exist many ways to calculate height.

Height is sometimes called as altitude when it describes the vertical position. Moreover, attitude is called elevation when the point is attached to the Earth.

In order to calculate height by geometry, first, an individual must plant a stick in the ground on a sunny day. Then the individual must measure its height. Also, he must calculate the length of the shadow.

Moreover, these measurements must be denoted as h and s respectively. Then the individual must measure the length of the shadow cast by the object. The individual must certainly denote this with S. A laser distance meter or a surveyor’s scope may be suitable for this purpose if S is too long.

Consequently, one must determine H, the height of the point on the object. This should occur by using a proportional relationship between the sides of similar triangles.

How to Calculate Width?

The width refers to a measure of distance from side to side. Furthermore, width measures certainly across an object at right angles to the length. Width is a measurement of how far across an object is. Width is also quite useful in calculating height in feet.

First of all, to measure the width, determine which side of the rectangle is a shorter pair. However, measure both, in case it is too close to tell. Then, the individual must measure one of the shorter sides. This is because; a rectangle has two sets of congruent sides. Therefore, it does not matter which side is measured. This is certainly the width.

How to Calculate Square Feet?

Square foot refers to an imperial unit. Furthermore, it is the area of a square with sides of exactly 1 foot. In case of a square or a rectangular figure, finding the area is very simple. This is because; it is simply multiplying length times width. Square feet is also quite useful in calculating height in feet.

In the case of a parallelogram, the area can be calculated in a simple manner. This is possible by calculating parallelogram’s base times its height.

A square feet formula for triangles also exists. Most noteworthy, it is just one more step than finding the area of a parallelogram. This formula is base multiplied by height and then divided by 2.

When an individual has to deal with a circle, a formula comes in handy. Above all, the simple formula in the case of a circle is πr2.

Solved Question For You

Q1 Which measure tells how tall something or someone is?

a. height
b. width,
c. weight
d. volume

A1 The correct answer is a. which is height. Also, height refers to the measure of vertical distance. Most noteworthy, height tells how tall something or someone is.

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