Do you like cake, pizza and coins?  Just a few important things in our lives that are circular in shape. And have you ever pondered on how many sides a circle has? None, right? Surely Circles deserve your attention and a detailed study. Here are a few concepts to help you out.

FAQs on Circles

Question 1:What is a circle?

Answer:Generally, circle is a shape in which all the points are at same distance from the center. They are named by their center. Therefore, they are called circles. However, some real word examples of circles are wheels, dinner plates, surface of a coin, window, etc.

Question 2: What are the different types of circles?

Answer:There are three types of circles, namely:

  • Tangent Circles: Those two or more circles that intersect each other at one point.
  • Concentric Circles: Those two or more circles that have the same center but different radii.
  • Congruent Circles: Those two or more circles that has the same radius but different centers.

Question 3: Is circle a polygon?

Answer: Polygon refers to a closed plane figure that has three or more sides that are all straight. Besides a circle is not a polygon because it does not have straight side, instead it has round sides.

Question 4: What is the shape of a circle?

Answer: Generally, the shape of a circle is round and it is a two-dimensional shape that lookslike to the letter ‘O’. In mathematical language, it refers to the boundary of shape while ‘disk’ is used to refer to the whole shape that also includes the side.

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